To hold onto that which sears and burns you only holds the purpose of pain. We all know what we need to let go of, far beyond the actual lesson, yet why do we still hang on?

Learning comes in many ways. To rush past a lesson is to run from your fears and to ignore what it is you need to learn. For sometimes it is ‘easier’ to not see or face the actual lesson. For it is too painful. For it may change what our current situation is. For it may hurt more than what is currently happening in life.

Yet if you look closely at the situation, if you are not willing to learn and let go of the pain, you are only causing the pain to intensify. It is likened to a flame. When the flame begins, it is a small one. Just sparking, just heating up. This is where most of us need to see that it is time to learn and move on. Because this small flame is still hot enough to burn us. Yet we hang on. And intensify the flame. Throw kindling on it. Build the heat. And as painful as it may be, we allow ourselves to get burnt. We allow  the pain to continue throughout our life. When all we had to do was walk away. See what it was we needed to learn, and walk away. And eventually the flame would have died on its own. For if we were to continue to tend to it, it would have grown, to something unmanageable. And this is where we get stuck in our pain of life.

So letting go is much easier than you think it is. For letting go is really just a choice. It is a choice to simply say, “I choose no more pain, I choose to learn the lesson and be free.” Rather than staying and creating more pain for yourself. For if you were to choose happiness and respect for yourself, then letting go wouldn’t be such a big issue. Yet hanging onto the pain serves you somehow. It is what you know. It is what comforts you. It is what you expect. And it is a long built pattern that you have worked on for a long time.

So to choose happiness and peace is just that. A choice! And you choose it because you want something better. You choose it because you do not want to get burnt anymore. And you choose it because you want to rise above your pain. You choose! That’s just it! You choose!

You are the star of this production called life. Yet why do you allow ‘actors’ to come along and star beside you, that disrespect you? Those that put no effort into your production. Those that don’t show up on set. Those that ruin the show. Everyone has allowed that in one way or the other. Because we don’t believe in our production. We don’t believe that our production has potential to be a smash hit. We are still listening to the critics to discount everything that we are and do. The critics that hit us where it hurts, and keep us down. And those critics are ourselves. We are the ones that beat ourselves down. Others are just following our lead. We begin the criticism, and we allow others to join us. Because that is how attention is received. Yet it is the  wrong type of attention. It is not one that serves us. It can be if we just look at why this pain is being created, and learn from it and change the outcome.

The only way to rise above the pain is to choose Love. In choosing love, we are showing ourselves respect, admiration and faith. We are paving our way forward toward the sunshine and we are bringing to our production actors who show up for us, ones that know their lines – i.e. support us, and ones who will help to make our show a success. Because life is all about creating the perfect team for us to be able to create the best production possible. Yet it starts with you. You are the creator and the director. You decide who stays and who goes, and who else is required to step on set.

So you now know how to let go. And how to bring through the good instead of the pain. Yet it’s easier said than done. The only way to begin is by taking a small step at a time. Choose a small, less painful situation to let go of. Learn then walk away. Once you have mastered that, choose something bigger, and so on.

The only way for life to change, is to begin the change. Plain and simple. So begin now…and let the lights shine on your production. Because you are the star!!!

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