Where does one find inspiration from?

Inspiration can come through many sources in life. From within. From without.

Yet the most important type of inspiration and the most long lasting one, is the one that comes from within.

For without that spark within you that brings you faith, there would be no action to create your dreams into reality, and there would be no confidence to make that happen.

In knowing how to find this inspiration, you need to always look within, for somewhere below, buried deep you will find that spark.

That spark that perhaps has been forgotten and discarded, because you may have attempted to create magic the first time, yet ‘failed’. Failure isn’t really failure. It is just a dry run. A draft. A practice run. If you think of it this way, then you will have that confidence to continue and keep on creating that magic until it is perfected.

For there is no true perfection. Only what is right just for you. Others opinions don’t matter. Only yours. Because you are the one that needs to carry the flame of faith and inspiration. You are the one that needs to make things happen for you.

In seeing what you see in others, is of course what you see in yourself. If you find that you are disturbed by what others say or do, then see where it is in your life that needs a little more magic.

For magic is what you make it to be. As is inspiration. If something small inspires you, then that’s all that you need to keep going. For that something small could be the one thing that you need to make the big things happen. As everything in life happens in steps. You get to choose how big those steps are, based on how confident and inspired you are. You are the one that gets the say.

So tell yourself every day that you are inspired. Find something that makes you smile, that brings you joy, that brightens your day.

For when you begin, you change your mood, you will find that so many things will inspire you. And then you will do this without thought, and you will see that you are an inspiration to yourself, and everything is a reflection of you!

So be inspiring! Be inspired! And create magic in your own way!

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