Welcome to Visionary Goddess

A site that was borne from it’s creator Gina, who’s humble beginnings began many, many years ago at a time when she felt lost and was drawn to learn about Metaphysics, the Tarot, Meditation, Psychic Development, Empathic Senses and Energy Healings.

This ‘simple’ interest spanned to her teaching and providing guidance using the modalities of readings, energy healing, meditation and the creation of course material as well as in the form of newsletters and blogs.  The majority of the modalities have been self-taught through intuitive guidance, empathic abilities, self-navigation and life experience as well as learning from other talented intuitives and attending many courses over the years.

VG is a passion project and is only operated on a part time basis and by request. It began out of a desire to share and teach information learnt on how best to develop a more profound sense of emotional guidance. 

The offerings have changed and evolved over time, as has VG’s intuition. There is now more of a focus on providing Energy Healing as well as teaching about the current universal energies at play. The teachings incorporate the guidance and the how-to of navigating your own energy for the best outcome for detoxification and release of what no longer serves and for the raising of your vibration.

As you will notice, there is no picture of VG attached. While curiosity can arise, there is no requirement to do so, as this site and life in general, is purely all about energy. If you don’t feel in alignment with this site, then this is not the right place for you, and I thank you for stopping by. If you do resonate and would like to stay and play, learn and experience more, then the invitation is open for you to be here as long as you would like.