How would it feel if you could release your trapped trauma and stopped repeating your patterns?

Instead, you could create new experiences more in alignment with what you wanted and navigate towards that which brings you Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness.

Are you thriving or surviving?

Whichever you are, your story begins with you.

What you do with it, depends on your willingness to heal your hurts and face your shadow self.  

You can change your energetic vibration and patterning, so that you can start attracting what is more in alignment with you.

What keeps you stuck can be changed. But honestly, it is not a magical overnight cure.

It takes perseverance and time, and until you start to change your vibration, thoughts, beliefs and actions you will always be shown and led to the same experiences. Round and round you go.

When you shift your energy, that is when true change occurs, then you will be led to different experiences and outcomes, and many doors will open for you.

In the meantime, your trapped emotions and old programming within your subconscious energy will lead the way, until you change your way.

If you would like to embrace lasting change, you can at any time.

Are you ready to start and don’t know how?

VG is offering a Free Aura Cleanse Energy Healing here.

A gentle, non-invasive healing that will disconnect, cleanse, ground and centre you. 

No obligation, just sign up and receive. 

To love oneself, is the beginning of a lifelong romance! Oscar Wilde