The Blame Game

Blame is an energy that keeps you down.

Blame dis-empowers you.

Blame keeps you stuck.

Blame is allowing yourself to not take personal responsibility for yourself, the way you feel, your actions and your life.

Blame is not aligned to who you truly are.

Stop blaming.

What is it to blame?

When someone says or does something to you and you feel a certain way…it is not their fault. But you blame.


You blame because you do not want to look at your own truth.

You are the one creating that emotion and reaction.

Yet you point the finger outside of you at others or at life and say, “they made me feel this way. I am offended!”

No, they did not make you feel this way. Yes, they said what they said, and they are responsible for what they said.

But you are responsible for how you feel. Not them.

You have the CHOICE in every given moment to create and react in any way you choose to react.

You create your life and your feelings.

You can give the responsibility to others and tell them that they are the reason you feel low or unhappy or angry.

You are the one creating these scenarios. And you are the one that continues to create them. For you will attract to you similar scenarios where blame will be drawn to you, and you will keep experiencing it.

It is all up to you.

Why do you blame?

Why do you react?

You react because you have an unhealed pain within you. And whatever was said or done to you, or however life is treating you (remember your vibration is the one that draws to you how life and others treat you!), is self created.

That unhealed pain is triggered within you the minute something is said or done to you. You instantly have a reaction, a flare up and an emotion come jolting out of you. And this emotion is the reaction of you not knowing how to deal with it.

It is easier to just point the finger and say, “you made me feel this way.”

No they didn’t. You made YOU feel this way.

You cannot control other people. And you shouldn’t.

“Don’t say this or that because I will get offended.”

By doing this you take away their voice.

By doing this you take away your choice.

Instead of suppressing the outside world, take a look at your inside world. Deal with how you feel and react. It is none of your business what other people think or say. They have free will. As do you.

Have the free will to rise up and create what you want to create.

You can change how you feel at any given moment.

You can take your power back and take a deeper look at why you are being triggered. Your unhealed pain is showing you what needs to change.

Your unhealed pain wants you to heal.

Your unhealed pain is the reason why you react.

It is not about what others say or do to you.

It is what you do to yourself!

Take responsibility for the way that you feel.

See the truth of who you are.

There is no one to blame. Not even yourself.

You are the Creator of your life, your feelings and your outcomes.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

So why are you giving yourself and others permission to make you feel inferior?

Others have not made you feel less. You have done this.

They can say whatever they want. But the minute you feel less, is the minute you are saying to yourself, “yes I believe I am less and I agree with you.”

If you choose not to react or you do not get triggered by what another says, then you have healed your pain.

When you react, you still flare up.

Look within. Heal it. See it.

Choose who you want to become.

Do you want to be powerful within yourself that you acknowledge that you are the instigator of your life in how you live it, create it and shape it?

Or do you want to stay a victim to the Blame Game?

Blaming doesn’t help anyone. It keeps you stuck. It holds you in anger. It attracts more people and situations to you that keep you in blame and continue to take away from you.

Blame is not power. Blaming is weak.

Don’t be weak.

Stand tall. And know that no one can touch you. No one can create you.

Only you can create yourself.

You are the Creator.

So create.

Create joy. Create love. Create life.

The minute you blame is the minute you let others win.

No one deserves to win your life other than you.

So be a winner!


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