What is Destiny?

Is it meant to be or is it a choice you make that leads you to your destination?

Destiny is the blueprint of your life you make as a Soul.

You make this with your Soul group with whom you will be reincarnating with to learn your lessons and for your growth.

And amongst this Soul group are your Spirit Team.

Your Spirit Team are your coaches, your leaders, your supervisors and your cheerleaders.

Here’s how it works…

Destiny leads you to your destination…eventually.

It is likened to those storybooks where you can create many alternative endings.

Within those twists and turns you learn many lessons. And when you look like you are veering off track, your Spirit Team intervenes.

They either send you messages, insights, ideas or dreams. They nudge or poke you and give you an awakening or a rude shock. They send you messengers in many forms and sprinkle inspiration along your path whenever it looks like you are getting off the beaten track…whatever needs to be done, is done.

And then you get back on track and off you go.

Why is it that you need a team to help you reach your destiny?

Because the destiny that you have chosen, isn’t always a straight path. It isn’t always fun and it sometimes hurts.

As a Soul, you saw the whole pathway before you decided upon it. You left open the spaces for where you could add another chapter or create a new fork in the road, but where you ultimately wanted to end up at…well that was set in motion already.

You as a Soul form knew that there would be much pain and suffering in whatever way it came to you. Whether it was physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or however you had to endure it, your Soul knew it was necessary in order to reach your destination.

But you as your human self could not see that pain in advance. You will always be connected to your Soul, as you are the Soul, but as a Soul living in a human body, you had to rely on your human self.

So if you as this human, which you are now, could see the pain ahead, would you still push through the pain and continue that journey? Would you want to?

You know you would want to cheat. You would want to avoid the pain that was coming and perhaps take the shorter route. You would want a quick fix so that you could feel loved and satisfied and “safe” in your road of denial.

But as a Soul, you knew that your human self would be OK.

And as your human self wanted to veer away from the road that was your destiny because there was a bit of pain to endure, your Soul and your Spirit Team guided you back into it.

When times were really tough they sprinkled inspiration and hope on you.

Sent you Angels in disguise. Messengers that you needed like relationships, family, friends and strangers.

When you felt like giving up you were shown a glimpse of what you truly longed for and a carrot was dangled in your face and it urged you to keep moving forward, because your Soul and your Team knew you could do it.

They knew that ultimately at the end of this long road, you were being led to your Destiny. It was pre-planned by you long ago.

Know that everything is for a reason!

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You may not know it now. You may not see it now, but it will reveal itself to you in due time.

You would not have created this journey for yourself if you didn’t believe that you could fulfill it.

This is why how your Soul leads you and this is how your Spirit Team guides, inspires and loves you.

Everyone and everything is on your side, even if it doesn’t feel this way.

One day you will see…

That this was always your Destiny!

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