Heart and Soul

hands-reaching-for-loveWhat is it to love from the Heart?

True and Unconditional Love.

Does Unconditional Love exist?

What does it feel like?

Many of you love with condition. Conditions are borne out of fear. Conditions are about control. Conditions are created so that those with insecurity will not get left behind. So that they will not feel unloved.

To be in an unconditional space is living without fear. It is about being in a space of trust. It is about facing your fears and knowing that you will be ok, no matter the outcome.

It is about knowing that you have a purpose in life and that when you follow your purpose you will be fully supported. And that is not about others supporting you. It is about trusting the process that you will be ok, no matter how challenging the circumstance.

That is what support is. For when you feel supported, it is not about looking for it outside of you from others. It is about a confidence that you have within you where you draw from that self support. A state of mind where you trust that life is about flow. Life is about moving forward. And a trust that if something is not moving forward or not feeling good or not what you want, that it is ok to let it go, in order to prepare and create the space for something new and better to take it’s place.

To exist from the Soul is to be connected.

Connected to your Self Awareness, Your Intuition, Your Higher Self.

What are those things?

How do you know if you are connected?

How can you connect?

It is a part deep within you that no one else has full access to apart from you. Yes you can experience another intuitive being reading your energy that can access your Higher Self, but on a complete level, you are the one who has the key to all of it, above and beyond.

You are the one that knows what is best for you.

If you are being mistreated in life (or mistreating yourself by accepting less from others, health challenges etc) and even if that is all you have ever known because you haven’t been in the place to seek that courage that seeks more for yourself, you will know that this isn’t what you want, even if at the time you accept what it is you are getting.

You will know this because you will feel like a fish thrashing about on a fishing line who wants to be free of it.

You will know this because you will feel uncomfortable and angry and stuck.

You will know this because you will look outside of yourself and see what others are experiencing and perhaps dream of something better, even if at the time you truly believe (from a fearful place) that you cannot have it.

Your Heart and Soul are one.

When you love truly from your Heart, your Soul responds.

They both compliment each other. They both shine together.

Your Heart is the space to feel love – and a whole range of other emotions.

Your Soul is the one that guides you to these emotions. Shows you your fears. Pushes you to ask for more. Knows that you can have more. And wants to show you unconditional love.

Unconditional love is within all of us.

Most times it is buried beneath all the fears that we harbour.

We are all at different levels of love, fear, learning, personal power, awareness and journeys.

Never judge yourself based on what others are doing.

No body is better than another. They are just on a different journey and seeking different lessons.

You are perfect the way you are.

You are where you are meant to be now.

You will be where you are supposed to be when the time is right.

Life changes in accordance to what you want to change.

If you are stuck and are too fearful to move, that is where you will remain.

If you are moving forward, you will keep moving.

If you want more for yourself and just don’t know how…then hold that vision and power within you to want more…and the way to find more for yourself will show itself to you, when you are ready to embrace it.

Love from your Heart and Soul.

Live from your place of Unconditional Love that you DO possess.

Learn from your life and know that you can change any part of it at any time you wish to.

Know that there is enough Love to go around for everyone.

There is no need to look outside.

Look within. That is your road map to Success…and Love!


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