Fear Goggles

When you see what you want to see or believe what you want to believe, you have fear goggles on.

Fear goggles hide the truth of what is real.

Fear goggles hide you behind a mask and distort what you see, so that you only see the limited picture of what you are seeing.

Much like beer goggles, fear goggles do not show you what is the truth with a clear head. They distort your image.

For when under the influence of fear goggles, you will over-exaggerate, under-exaggerate, limit yourself, attack yourself and others and stay hidden in the dark.

Fear goggles are the illusion you hide behind.

They are the illusion you have created out of fears that lay dormant, active or unhealed.

Fears are your current truth. But they are not THE truth.

For the real truth does not limit you.

The real truth does not tell you that you are less and can have much less.

The real truth does not make you believe that you are unlovable.

The real truth always shows you love and asks you to aim higher.

For those of you that wear your fear goggles firmly and refuse to see beyond them, you will stay stuck.

You will limit yourself into believing that this is all you can have.

You will limit yourself into believing that you cannot have the love you want and that you don’t deserve it.

You will limit yourself to believe that you are not abundant and cannot be abundant in any area of your life.

You will stay hidden behind your “truth” of your fear goggles.

Because your fear goggles are just an illusion that you have created. And behind this illusion you remain and believe in all the murky and unclear visions of life as you believe it to be behind your fear based illusion.

Much like if you were to wear a costume at a costume party or a mask at a masquerade ball, you become someone different.

Even if you don’t feel confident or comfortable in your day to day life, here behind a façade of a mask or a costume, you become someone different entirely.

You suddenly feel confident and comfortable because you are playing a role that is not you.

So when you hide behind your fear goggles, you use this as your excuse to not achieve the greatness that you know deep down inside that you can be.

You hide behind your excuses, your failures, your pain and your unhealed trauma and keep spinning the story of why you can’t have something or be something because you have been hard done by in the past.

Your fear goggles show you only your pain and your limitations…not your greatness!

Your fear goggles keep you in your small box of fear, where you will be used to the small space you enclose yourself in. You are the one who decides what is allowed in or out. And because it is such a small space, not much comes in at all. You block that flow and you close your heart.

Your fear goggles keep you in the dark. They only show you what you can’t be and you so blindly believe it, because you are only seeing the illusion that this fear is showing your.

Your fear goggles keep others away. You cannot see their light, you can only see what the fear shows you, and that is the possibility of being hurt again.

You hide behind those goggles and they cannot see your light either. You hide your glorious light because you are afraid to be seen. And so your heart closes.

Your fear goggles keep you stuck, unmotivated and unsure. Your path ahead is fear based and lonely. You do not have the confidence to move forward on your own, you must stay where you are safe and feel “loved”.

Your fear goggles harm you. They keep you hidden. They keep you unloved. They keep you stuck.

It is time to remove your fear goggles and see the real truth.

The real truth being that you are always loved and can be and do anything you wish.

As long as you believe the lies that you see from beyond the fear goggles that you so tightly hang onto, you will not have much room to move.

It is time to show others your light. It is time to see their light.

Life beyond the mask is glorious. It is freeing. It holds much love.

Pay attention now to what you see in life. Are you seeing it from behind your fear goggles or without them?

The choice is yours in what you choose to see. Because only you are seeing it. And only you choose to create what you see.

Take the goggles off. It’s time to see the Truth!

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