To bubble yourself or not bubble yourself…that is the question!

In life, we all need protection. But how much is too much?

When you go through life fearing anything that may come out to get you, you naturally build walls.

And in those walls you feel safe.

You don’t let anyone in. And you don’t let anything out.

Do you feel safe?

It is wise to be aware of others around you energetically, but when you avoid interaction, you avoid emotion and you want to avoid pain.

But you are creating that pain. You are holding it all in and you are not allowing yourself to process it and grow from it and heal that pain.

So when do you need to energetically protect yourself?

Do you need it around the clock? Or just sometimes?

Do it when you need it. Keep reading, as below there will be a short exercise on an easy method which you can use.

In life, energy exchange is vital in order to form healthy relationships and even those not so healthy ones.

Because they are for your growth. And at some point, after you have gotten what you needed to from them, you will feel inclined to disconnect from them. And you will, but not before you learn the lesson.

Until that point, energy exchange is necessary.

It is necessary to see who you are. What you reflect out and what is reflected back at you.

Are you paying attention?

Think of an octopus with many tentacles. This octopus latches onto things and feels safe and secure.

When others who aren’t feeling so secure in your life latch onto you, you feel suffocated, energetically drained, not yourself because you are taking on the emotions of others etc…

Now reverse this scenario.

How would others feel if you latched onto them?

The best way to energetically protect yourself is not to protect yourself at all!

The best defense is to work on your fears and insecurities!

For the more you work on yourself, the less draining energies will latch onto you.

For when you work on your inner love and draw from that, you will feel fulfilled and there will be no need for you to become an octopus. You will naturally draw in high vibrational people, experiences, thoughts and emotions.

And if you don’t for whatever reason, they won’t be around you for too long because the vibrations won’t be a match to yours.

The more issues you have that you don’t want to deal with, the more lower vibrations will stick to you. And when they stick to you, you will feel sludgy, drained, unhappy, stuck, frustrated and the list goes on.

When you are open and willing to change your vibration and face your issues head on, you will change your energy so much quicker and you will keep amplifying that self love within you and less will attach itself to you.

Which would you rather experience?

Energy protection begins and ends with you.

If you aren’t feeling protected and you feel vulnerable, then look within.

What do you need protection from? Why do you feel vulnerable?

You are only protecting yourself from seeing your true magnificence!

Are you sure you don’t want to see it?

Stop hiding!

Open up and shine!

Quick energy protection exercise…if you need it!

Close your eyes and visualise a beautiful shiny, silver light cascading down from the sky, flowing down from high above and down over your head and running smoothly and fluidly down your body.

It feels warm, soothing and loving.

Allow this light to cover you completely from your head down to your toes.

Now extend your focus down past your feet and see this light seep deep into the earth, and when it flows right through your feet, it will connect itself to a large magnet deep below the earth and you will feel a strong pull of being connected, grounded and secure.

The silver light above you never ends, and it continues to cascade over you, protecting you, replenishing you and securing you in place.

Now just visualise that you have stepped outside of your bubble, for a moment and you are looking back at it from the outside.

See, it looks like a mirror and you can see your reflection in it!

Once you see this, step back into your bubble and know that this bubble is protecting you and reflecting out any energy that does not serve you now.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes when you’re ready.

And come back to this bubble whenever you feel you need it.

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