Sunday Healing

Sunday 20th September 2020


This healing will be about bringing up those suppressed parts of you for releasing. It will be about seeing the truth and illusion of what you have believed and creating a new more empowering Truth.

Sub Topics that will be addressed are:

  • Removing those broken down parts that have been dissected for removal;
  • Unblocking, disconnecting and dissolving of old suppressed wounds;
  • Clearing out your Throat and Third Eye Chakra, for clearer communication and vision;
  • Infusing you with clearer more empowering Truths about what is;
  • Popping those bubbles of suppression that have been floating on the surface but not fully removed.

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Sunday Healing Details – How do the Healings work?

Every Sunday at 7pm (Sydney time AEST), Distant Healing will run for 2 hours.

Timezone won’t matter as the energy of the healing will reach you where you are in your own timezone.

You may carry on with what you normally do or you can enjoy some time out and relax while the healing occurs.

The energy detoxes you on a deep level and brings your emotions up to the surface to be seen, acknowledged, dealt with and to be released. Each individual will experience healing differently. It will be a unique experience for every person. You will release what you need to release at the time that you are ready to let go of it, as each issue comes in layers.

Depending on each person’s sensitivities, you may or may not feel the healing working through you and that is OK. Over time, you will see shifts within you, where you either notice it right away, or it may take a little more time into the future of when you received the healing to see the change.

Some ways you may see changes in your life is that you may feel lighter, you may take a different life direction, you may react differently to a pain or fear, or you may not be connected to the pain of the fear at all as you have released it.

This is also a good time to do some journaling of your thoughts to help with the release if you wish. Some may experience body aches and pains, old thoughts and emotions from the past, negative fears and beliefs popping up. You are just detoxing these old subconscious beliefs and they seem very real to you. Just be present, acknowledge them, feel them and know that they are leaving you.

These healings are gentle, non-invasive and if you don’t feel it happening at the time specified, don’t worry your old emotions will pop up to the surface later when it is time for you to see them. They bring up your old programming from deep within your subconscious and will release blockages in relation to the topic.

Some ways in which the healing will work is that you might feel the energy running through your body. You may be extra sensitive emotionally. You may experience old emotions coming up to the surface from the past. This is all part of the detox process as old patterns and beliefs are leaving you, and new energy is taking it’s place.

Healing takes time, so you may not see immediate changes, but in time, you will make different choices in life and feel much happier and have more confidence. You will still continue to shift throughout the week before and after the healing has taken place. The energy begins to ramp up the sooner you join.

To reserve your place in the healing just click on the below button.

Join the Healing Here – AUD $26