To deviate from love, is to deviate with oneself and your path.

Love stares at you in the face every day. It is within you every day. Yet why do you not see it? Why do you choose to block it out?

It is around you in all opportunities that are around you in every way. Through the books that you read, movies you watch, music you listen to, people you observe and speak to. Love is all around.

To be clearer about this love, and its opportunities, this love presents itself to you in many different aspects and shows you that you can be more then you are currently being.

We all have dreams we want to be fulfilled. Or some people may have fantasies. These fantasies are still dreams. Yet they are classed differently by you. Because these “dreams” are ones that you deem out of reach by your soul. So out of reach, they just become make believe in your world. So make believe that you push love out of your life and out of your heart.

In finding a way back into love, is to find you. Find out what you want, who you want to be, what you want to be. Then you shall find love coming back into your life. Because it has always been there…just buried below the surface deeply.

For when you see your dreams as just fantasises, and believe that they are unachievable, you find doubt instead of love. And you find fear instead of light.

So know that you are capable of achieving every dream that crosses your path. Whether you feel it is make believe, or unachievable. Nothing is impossible. Everything in your mind can come to life, if you just believe in its possibilities that it can.

So the way back into love, is just to trust that whatever thoughts and emotions come into your being, can emerge in reality…if you just have the courage to have them come to life!

That is what love is all about! Honouring your soul into creating dreams that are just right for you!

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