Why You Don’t Move Forward

Moving forward is a change that brings up much fear for many.

It is connected to many different and common fears that most aren’t aware of.

Moving forward is about letting go. It is about creating change and disrupting your “comfortable” space. It is about movement and newness. It is about placing yourself in unknown territory. And it is about Faith and Trust.

Moving forward isn’t always so easy for some. They prefer to stay stuck, frustrated and angry.

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The Perfect Relationship

How do you create the ‘Perfect Relationship?’

Many are looking for that perfect, flawless experience.

Does it exist?

How can you create peaceful, harmonious relationships?

How can you co-exist in a space where many have different views, ideals, beliefs and habits?

There are really 3 main types of relationships. And in each one different insecurities arise.

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Are You Choosing Love Or Fear?

The energy that you vibrate shows itself to you in your every day choices, experiences, thoughts and emotions. Yet are you paying attention to what you are choosing? You are playing the game of fear every day of your life when you don’t make the choices that relate to love, and make the choices that

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Letting Go

To hold onto that which sears and burns you only holds the purpose of pain. We all know what we need to let go of, far beyond the actual lesson, yet why do we still hang on? Learning comes in many ways. To rush past a lesson is to run from your fears and to

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When you lose faith in life and love, there is usually one person at fault here…you! This is not to put blame on anyone, yet you are the common denominator in this equation, and you are the only one who is keeping the faith from you in all that you do and all that you

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