communicationWhen you think of communication, speaking up and voice comes to mind.

Communication and expression is much more than that.

There is communication through the arts such as music, art, drama, writing etc.

Communication and expression is also about feeling. It is not just about expressing yourself through words and to other people. 

Expression begins within, and with you.

Feeling and being real about what you feel, want and become are big pieces of expression.

When you deny what you feel, you block the flow of expression. You find it difficult to communicate. You feel fear in voicing your truth.

Your truth is an important part of expression. For in feeling your truth, that is where your breakthrough lies. When you are strong in what you want and feel, then the rest just flows to you.

How do you change the way you communicate? How do you get real about what you feel?

When you suppress emotions and don’t allow them to be valid, you are not giving yourself permission to be heard.

And when you are not heard, you feel frustrated. Your point is not valid, you feel insignificant and then over time you think that it is ok to not have a voice.

You encounter people and experiences who don’t give your voice any importance and brush off your feelings and views aside. And you think that this is ok over time because that is what you have believed about yourself.

It is NOT ok! You have a voice. You have free will. You have a right to be heard.

When you are not heard, you shrink back. You hide. And you are afraid of the judgements of those around you. Because you judge yourself too.

You feel insecure about what you need to express. How will others deal with what your point of view is? Will they abandon me if they don’t like it?

And this is where more blocks occur. You feel afraid of being judged for feeling your truth and expressing yourself honestly, even if it may rock the boat.

And so in not rocking the boat, and not having people leave you (most won’t because this is your fear – and if they do, then they weren’t meant to stay anyway!), you stay quiet. In emotion and words.

When you stay quiet in emotion, you feel guilty about feeling what your truth is. Even if no one knows what you are actually feeling, you suppress it.

For it feels wrong to feel such things. What will people say?

And round and round it goes.

In life, there will always be people who won’t approve of you. That is none of your business whether they approve of you or not. Not your problem.

What is your problem and your business is to approve of yourself!

You must learn to accept yourself fully. No judgement. Be free to feel what you need to feel, and not feel any regret about feeling it.

Embrace who you are. Be kind to yourself. Communicate to yourself, which means that you need to own your emotions.

Emotional responsibility is about owning your own emotions, reactions to them and not throwing your energy or feeling back at anyone else.

E.g. it is their fault they made me feel this way.

No, it is not their fault. Yes they made you feel that way, but you are the one that felt it in the first place.

The minute you feel something because of an incident, words, actions, you are responsible for it.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

You are the leader of your life in what you feel. If you feel inferior because of an action of another, that is your responsibility.

The already existing trigger (pain) was already there. They had nothing to do with your reaction. If the pain is not there and healed, then what is said or done by another will not affect you. You will brush it off and see that it is about their own trigger.

So if you are offended or hurt by how another makes you feel, just know that you are in control of how you feel, not them. If you become their puppet, then you allowed yourself to become that. You can walk away at any time. You can refuse to participate. You are the leader of this.

So own up to how you feel. Be honest.

Are you happy? Sad? Disappointed? Frustrated? Etc.

How do you feel?

Communication is not always about words or actions. It is about emotions too.

And the heart and throat are connected.

So express yourself and own your voice. Speak up! If you rock a few boats, that is not your problem.

Don’t keep it inside. Don’t compromise yourself for others.

Don’t censor yourself to make others comfortable.

Keep a journal and express, express, express.

You will feel lighter, freer, enlightened and open.

This is a wonderful way to be clear, honest and real.

Don’t hold back. Your lack of voice is not worth it.

You deserve to be heard!


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