When we go through life, we think that everything that we deal with is our own stuff. Wrong!

It’s an interesting concept to understand. For we are living our own lives aren’t we? So how can we be carrying the energy of others?

Simply, we are all energetically entangled. The strongest influences being our parents. This is not to put blame on anyone. It is just to bring awareness to the concept that not all that we deal with is ours. That is where responsibility comes in. We claim what is ours, and what isn’t ours, goes back to the sender.

So if you are moving along your journey and say you want a particular career as an actor for example. You are really passionate about this and pursue it. Then a niggling thought and emotion comes into your mind, about how you won’t make it. There is no money in acting. It will be a struggle financially if you don’t succeed. You were passionate about it one minute, and then changed the next. So where did this doubt come from?

It’s important to back track all thoughts, beliefs and emotions that come our way which aren’t aligned with our higher good. Think back to the first time you ever felt this doubt about achieving something. What happened at the time? Were your parents at the time dealing with lack in their lives? Was a partner? Were the people around you?

We all connect into each other based on our fears. Our fears connect into each other, highlighting the most pressing matter that is buried below the surface. This deeper fear, if unresolved will continue to rule your life, if you don’t acknowledge it and heal it. And by healing it, is first about being aware. Then to see where it came from. Then to change the direction of your life. If you feel in lack, or do not trust life…then you must take one little step at a time to grow that trust. No matter how uncomfortable it may be. By facing your fears and seeing them, you are healing. Because you are asking for change. For if you stay where you are and just say, “oh well, maybe I’m not meant to do this or that,” then guess where you’ll stay in life, always wondering what might have been…

So the emotions that we carry are ours. Yet there are others that are buried more deeply. And the way to untangle yourself from it is to be aware, and make your own way out of the tangled mess. Because your journey in life is yours! So live it like it is yours, no matter how another might react. For if they are reacting the way that they do, then they have their own unresolved issues. And if you let it affect you, then you need to own those particular set of issues. It’s all about responsibility!

So be responsible, and see what it yours to own. Own it. And if you don’t like it, then change it. Life is about free will. Live your life according to your own values. If your values are low, then you need to look into why. And change them. Because when you vibrate at a lower level, i.e. disempowering thoughts…then you will attract to you all sorts of catastrophes. So aim high! Life is a game…do you want to win?





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