Finding that inner glow within you that radiates outward can be hard work at times, but it is hard work that is completely rewarding once you start to truly accept and love yourself.

Who are you really? Are you happy about who you are? What you look like? How you behave? How you react? What you do? 

If there are parts of you that you have not yet accepted or love about yourself, then you need to look at what you need to change. For change within you, will open your heart to be able to accept all parts of you. There will always be parts of you that challenge you. Parts of you that you fight against. You are only human. And in being human, you are always learning and growing. If you choose to turn a blind eye to the parts of you that you reject, then you will stay stuck in that part of you that you do not want to love. 

In order to love that part of you that you reject, you must identify what it is and why you reject it. For when you make the decision to create change and take back your life, then you will shift that unlovable part of you, into a completely loveable part of you. 

All parts of you are loveable, as you are a being of light and love. How you see yourself is the most important. Because the way you see yourself, is the way others will see you. You cannot expect others to love the parts of you that you reject. They may do so, but because you reject those parts of you, then you won’t absorb that love. 

So what is it in your life that you need to change about yourself? What do you need to do so that you open your heart and allow the flow of love into your life? 

For the flow of love creates the opportunity for you to grow, recognise and seek your own truth. The truth that you are always loved. Even that part of you that rejects who you are, loves you deep down. Yet that rejecting part of you is covered in fear, and that is all they have access to…or so they think! 

All parts of you has love. For you are made of love. You vibrate love, even when you choose to not love yourself in this moment. 

So in order to change your flow to a more receptive, loving one, make a different choice. Think different thoughts. Choose different empowering habits. Surround yourself with uplifting beings. Take a different road. 

You are the one with the answers and the solutions. So if you don’t like who you are, then create a new you!

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