Love is within us. That has been said over and over again.

Yet how do you find that love when all you see is pain? The perspective that is front and centre and your current reality is vibrating with such intense pain. It is hard to hold the hope and faith that love is indeed within us.

Our origin and our soul came from love. That is what is a part of us. So when did we become separated from the love that vibrates within us?

Separation occurs when a separation from your truth is fed to you. It is fed to you via your experiences, your thoughts, your beliefs. These non-truths become the truth, and then it creates pain.

Pain is what must be overcome in order to get back to the love that you already possess.

It is easy when in pain to want to find that love outside of yourself. From other people, from substances like food, alcohol or drugs. From experiences, from pain. Because pain gives you love too. It fulfils you in that moment. It seems like love, but it isn’t. It is a falsity. And you pretend that everything is ok.

So to break off from your non-truth that you are not loved, that there is no love for you, is to create a new truth.

You are truly loved always. You are a being of love. You vibrate with love. 

So where it is?

It sits below the many layers of pain. Unless you look within for that love, more layers of pain will keep multiplying until you are so lost and angry that you need a snap point and a harsh realisation to see just what your life has become. A round about way of searching for love outside of you.

So begin by being good to yourself. Thank yourself for being who you are. Have more compassion for yourself. Forgive yourself, and commend yourself for a lesson well learned.

If love isn’t coming to you, it is because you are not letting it. So clear out your heart, release the pain, and connect to the real truth. That you are always loved.

You are soul energy. You are love energy. You vibrate with peace.

If you cannot see any of those truths, then you need to start working on each layer until you believe that you are love. For that is where you originate from. It has never left. It has just been pushed aside. Love is worth fighting for. So stick with it, and find your truth again. The truth that is Self Love.


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