Where does shame come from?

shameWhy are we not allowed to be who we want to be, have what we want and be free?

Sometimes the perspectives of others pull us back. They make us feel like we are not good enough. That we are not allowed to express ourselves and so on.

But they are not the ones to blame.

We are the ones who must take responsibility for what we accept, how we feel and how we react.

If we are accepting ourselves to feel shamed, we are saying that we are not loved, not accepted and have nothing to offer. That we are nothing.

Deep down that is not the truth. The truth is that there is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all beautiful and unique. And we were not born to fit into the mould that others want us to be in.

Those others that want us to fit into their mould are also afraid. They hold their own shame of not being loved. And with that shame they need to hold others close with those same insecurities, because otherwise it is a lonely world feeling ashamed all on your own.

So when you feel ashamed, think about where it really comes from. Guilt also comes along to join the party. Shame and guilt go hand in hand.

Shame is what you feel when you are not enough and guilt holds you down and makes you feel that you need to own the shame. And then thrown into the mix is lack.

When you feel shame and guilt then you are also bringing into your experience lack. Because you are not enough. You have something to be ashamed of. You are not allowed to be yourself. You have to fit into the mould of what others want in life. And you have to own that guilt that pins you down.

It’s exhausting isn’t it?

So much energy is given into feeling low, less than you are and unworthy.

This energy pulls you down, depletes you, suffocates you and gives you nothing in return but ill feelings.

Do you really think and believe that you are worth so little?

Where did this belief come from? Is it yours?

Why do you so easily believe this falseness, rather than the truth of who you really are?

You are divine. There is nothing about you to feel guilty about or ashamed about. Every choice you have made has been for learning. Even the negative ones. There is always something to take from it that is positive. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

You are worthy. You are loved. You are a shining light.

Embrace your real truth.

That you have essence. You can let go. You can forgive. It’s ok.

Once you embrace who you are without shame, guilt or lack, then life will flow again.

Until that time you block who you are. You block your light.

Be the light that others are drawn to. Not for them, but for you.

Let go of that which does not serve you. It serves you until you learn it.

Now it is time to let it go and be the light.

There is no more space for shame and guilt.

Not when your heart is love. Let it go.

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