money butterflyWe all have a money story. Each individual’s experience is self created despite what that story is.

If you are in a place where your story is one of lack or poverty, chances are that your beliefs will highlight that you did not create this.

Those that are in a more abundant space, will certainly own up to their story, that they did indeed create their current reality.

When you are stuck in a negative money story, you create experiences, cycles, patterns and loops that just keep repeating themselves.

You haven’t had a big enough shift to get out of that story.

And it is a story. It is a story because it is something that you live and create continuously.

“But I have been thinking positive, even though I am not abundant!” you plead.

Thinking positive is a great step. But is it enough? What action will you take in order to create something different? You can only keep up the false insecurity for so long before the truth comes hurtling down. That you aren’t doing enough to change your reality. You are still creating lack and money is being repelled by you.

Yes you repel money. Even though you want it. You repel it.

Money runs from you screaming!

Think of money as a friend. This friend comes forth to you want wants to connect. It wants to go shopping with you, love you and be in your life more permanently than you are allowing it to be. But you have doubts about this friend. Is this really a friend? Or is this “friend” just going to leave me just when I have opened up and began trusting them? What if I love this friend and it just leaves me and then I am left with nothing…

This is how money is. Money is energy, just as a human being is. Money wants to be in your life, wants to love you and provide for you and to stay. Money wants to go shopping with you. Money wants you to love it, because it loves you. Money comes to you time and time again, even after you have pushed it away. It is like a faithful dog. It loves you unconditionally. So why do you put a condition upon it?

The conditions you put upon money are that you are not good enough to have it. So money has to undervalue itself to be in your life. For example, you can only accept a certain amount. For if you accept much more then you are being greedy, you don’t feel good about accepting, it feels bad to take it, or you have to give back way more than you received in the first place just to feel ok about it. There are many conditions which you create and attach to money. What are your conditions?

You tell yourself that “you can’t afford it”, “you don’t have the money”, “I am not worthy of being paid this or accepting this”.

What else do you tell yourself? What else is in your money story?

Money is listening to you. It says, ok you can’t afford it. I will give you what you wish. I will allow you to not afford it because I love you anyway.

You don’t have the money. I will stay away and make sure that comes true for you because I care about what you want.

It sees that you feel unworthy and it acts out exactly as you have written in your script because as a faithful friend it wants what you want.

So you are getting what you want. Always.

How can you change your money story?

By being real!

Painful money stories are very hard to face. Debt is a dirty word. It is shameful. Having no money feels for you that you have no worth. That no one loves you. That you are not valued. Having no money keeps you restricted. There is no freedom. You are keeping yourself caged up.

Face what you run from. Look at what you have created. Once you have your snap point, then you will be more willing to make the changes.

If you can’t afford something, ask yourself how can you afford it?

If you don’t have money, ask yourself how can you have money?

If you don’t feel worthy about having money, ask yourself how can you feel worthy about having money?

For every negative statement about money, turn that around and ask an empowering question of how you can have, create or be what money wants for you.

If you have put money on a pedestal to be more superior to you, and that the only ones worthy are those with money, then you will never have it.

It will always be out of reach for you.

Your current money story does not need to end the way it is now.

It can be changed. Re-written. The cycle broken.

Get off the merry go round of lack. And join the party of abundance.


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