Value means something different to all of us.

If you are feeling undervalued anywhere in your life, then you will have easy triggers that will affect you. If you are not feeling appreciated in relationships, others who have a fulfilling relationship may trigger what you lack.

If you feel undervalued in finances or income, then others who are doing well in this area may trigger you.

You cannot be triggered unless you have an underlying issue already. This is an easy way to determine that you have an issue in the first place…if you are reacting to it.

To value yourself, you must ask for more. You must show others how to treat you by starting to treat yourself with value.

How much are you worth?

Worth is not just about money, this is about time, love, appreciation and on all levels!

What irks you about money? Do you feel annoyed that certain products and services are priced highly? This is really about your own issues. Those that are pricing are valuing themselves accordingly. And you want to undervalue them based on your judgements, beliefs and issues.

What irks you about love and relationships of all kind? Are you annoyed by the happiness of others? Is it because you are missing this in your life?

To vibrate your value out into the world of what you desire, you must first start within you. Who do you want to be? How do you want to become this? What must you do?

Start step by step. Be clear. Be honest. Take action. Be who you want others to see you as.

If you have those that are still reacting around you, and you react also, then you have that issue with the reaction.

You cannot be affected if that problem doesn’t exist.

So how can you change and enhance your value today?

See what upsets you, and this is your key to change and clarity. It starts with you!

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