We all have triggers. We all have drivers.

What motivates one person, does not motivate another.

What lifts one person up, brings another down.

What is your driver?

Driving forces in life are about what motivates you to change and greatness.

What is it that pushes you forward past the pain and the stagnant place in your life to want to lift yourself up for more? For better?

What keeps you down? And why do you let yourself stay there?

For those that want to change but are not sure, they are stuck in the maybe zone. They see their fear, but it is just easier to stay in their pain.

Their pain is their driver. Their pain is their justification. Their pain is what they can blame. Their pain is their lack of responsibility to see that it is they who keep expanding and creating that pain.

For if someone wants to change, move through fear and get out of the space they are in, they will find a way.

For many the common problem is, I don’t have the money, the time, I can’t, it’s no use etc.

That is their story. They remain a victim. They keep themselves down.

Moving on from a place of pain doesn’t always require money. But if it does because you need some outside help, then that will always be your excuse. You will say, “I can’t afford it.” Yet those same people, suddenly find the money that they “couldn’t afford” for a holiday, or a new pair of shoes, or an elaborate dinner.

They are finding instant gratification to ease their pain, and to not see the problem. That way they will have some form of pleasure to mask the pain and to pretend that the issue is not there.

For where there is a will, there is a way. There will always be an excuse to not heal. There will always be an excuse to stay stuck.

If you truly want to change, then nothing can stop you.

If you do not want to heal, then every excuse will stop you.

You stop you! You keep yourself a victim. You keep yourself in pain. You say “I can’t!”

This is all about you. All about what your driving force is.

Is it pleasure or pain?

Do you want to rise up above your pain, or do you want to push past your fears?

Because fears are not as big as you make them. The fears increase based on what energy you feed them.

It is up to you to write yourself a different story.

Create a driving force within you that says you will find a way.

If you need the money to heal, then find it. Commit to the outcome of healing and it will come your way. You will open opportunities.

If you need time for healing, make it. There is no excuse that you have no time. If the driving force is enough, then you will find a way.

If you need the resources in order to heal, you will open yourself up for opportunities. They will come.

If you trust that you can heal, and you are serious about it, then you will.

If not, you will always find an excuse to push your pain down, point the finger at others, blame the world and not deal with your pain.

What driving force would you want, to lead your life?

A force within you that says, “I will not give up, but I will find a way!”

Or a driving force that says, “It is too hard. I can’t!”

Who are you? And what drives you?

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