What happened in 2013? And what will 2014 bring?

For many the challenges of 2013 have brought about pain, suffering, enlightenment, challenges beyond comprehension and deep reflection.

Sounds like a positive year huh?

Well it isn’t so bad. Because you are here and you have survived.

2013 was a year of letting go of your deep dark secrets. Your pain, your unfulfilled emotions, your wants and needs and all the things you desired that you had to find the courage to pursue.

It may not have worked out for you, but never say never. Because in that moment of not working out, it really was working out. This means that it had to not work out, so that it could work out! Confused?

In order for what you wished for to work out, it had to not work out. Because in that moment you had to face an incredible challenge within you to rise above the fear that blocked you, and that stood front and centre and said NO to you. You had to push through it. So you may have had the illusion in that moment, that by overcoming that fear, by expressing yourself in whatever way you were guided to, you would receive what you desired. Yet it didn’t work out. Why?

Because you first had to break down that barrier of fear that has always presented you with the belief that you could have what you wanted. That you were not good enough. That others and yourself judged you. That it always happens to others and not you. The victim mentality. So that illusion was indeed helpful to you, even if you didn’t realise it at the time.

So what happens after the illusion?

After the illusion comes the healing. After the big crash of pushing through that wall of fear comes the mourning, the letting go, the sadness. A place you had to come to. Because once you fall, you need to rise. That is the true calling of a warrior. And you are indeed a warrior. One that will rise!

You fell, you reviewed your life, and you pieced yourself together.

Take a look at how you pieced yourself together. Are you the same person? Are you choosing different experiences? Are you stronger for the pain you endured and what you let go of? Do you see yourself and life in a different perspective?

If you answered yes, then well done. You are growing, changing, loving, accepting and flowering.

If you answered no, what are you still hanging onto? Why are you not seeing yourself as a deserving soul that does indeed deserve love and more?

You crashed, you burned, you lost, and you learned…what happens next?

What will 2014 bring?

Now that you have let go, you are growing new skin. You shed the old one and are still shedding, and you are rebirthing.

2014 is all about the rebirth of love. With others, with yourself – all around you. It is a year of love!

This year of love will bring about a lighter energy. It will bring about a time for you to make easier choices, to let go quicker, to honour yourself and others, to create, to merge, to be and speak your truth. It is a time that has been slowly carving the way into a newer, fresher you.

This is a year that will bring about opportunities for new careers, new loves (even with existing partners), new friendships, new adventures…and a new you!

This year you will empower yourself more easily, say no when you have to. Say yes! And embrace life with less fear.

You will let go more easily of what and who does not serve you. You will see yourself more clearly and know that you are a being of love and that you deserve love. And you will create it more easily, with style and with grace.

You will make better choices for you. Eat healthier, exercise more, more money or opportunity to create, more love and opportunity to create, you will crave honest and open relationships with others and yourself. This is a lighter year all round.

2014 will be about setting yourself up for a strong 2015. It will be about creating growth, teaching others and yourself, living with an open heart and giving and receiving more graciously.

2015 will bring about a strong year for solidifying and grounding new ventures and really connecting and empowering what you wish to achieve in life.

This is your time to shine!

If you are still tied to the chaos of 2013 take a look at why? Why aren’t you letting go? How aren’t you letting go?

It is a process. Do not look at how and why others are doing it. Find your own why and do it for you. Ask yourself, “Does this serve me?” If it does not, why stay in the pain? Let go.

Letting go is as easy as it sounds. It is a purely a decision. When you decide, it happens. When you hold on, you hold on. Why do you hold on? Do you hold on because of love or pain/fear? Which do you deserve?

So let yourself shine in 2014. This is your year to create!

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