Toxic Relationships Every relationship is the mirror of you. Simple.

It is a hard concept to understand when you don’t see it. But if you choose to look deeper within this theory you will see patterns that match your own.

What comes forth in your experience is what is vibrating from within.

Even those pesky people in your space who are needy, controlling, unsupportive, addictive, unloving, uncommitting etc.

They all reflect some part of you.

Which part of you do they reflect?

How can you understand yourself better?

And how can you change so that what you attract to you, changes?

Well it all starts with you!

You are the instigator of change.

When you are in relationships that are toxic, you are allowing this. These relationships include all forms – family, partners, friendships, colleagues, acquaintances, passers by.

Anyone you have any interaction with is a relationship. Whether it lasts one minute to a lifetime, it is a relationship.

The most important one you have though is with yourself!

This is where the toxicity comes from. This is where it leeches from.

No one is perfect. There will always be challenges, growth, love, loss and fear.

If you do not seek change, change seeks you. Whether you are ready or not!

Change is the catalyst to growth. Change is how you love, learn, let go, prosper, and surrender.

Change is who you are.

As a Soul, you are love.

The toxicity develops and festers with each experience that you have, keep, believe and fear.

You own the toxin. And others outside of you are showing you a part of you that you don’t want to see.

So how do you deal with the toxins that face you? The other people in your space that trigger your fears, insecurities and lack of love?

You look at what they are triggering in you. How do you react? How do you feel? Why are they activating in you?

When you can see what this is, that is where you need to be making the changes.

The changes are not about them, they are about you!

If someone does not love you the way you wish them to love you, where do you not love yourself in your life?

Are you honouring yourself to say yes or no?

Are you going within to see who you are?

Are you on purpose in your life and doing what you love?

Are you secure in the knowledge that you have confidence and feel loved and safe?

If not, it is not about them not loving you. It is about YOU not loving you?

Do you always attract those people who do not commit to you? Or keep their word?

Do you commit to yourself in moving forward and creating what your heart wants? Or do you give up easily?

Do you attract controlling people who always need to lead the way and have their voice to be heard?

Where are you not in control in your life or not standing up for yourself to be heard?

Do you find that you attract others around you who are aggressive toward you and attack you?

Where do you belittle yourself in life? And what anger and frustration haven’t you let go of?

There are many ways to see where these toxic people fit into your life. You invite them in for learning. To be your mirror. To reflect the parts of you that you do not want to clearly see. They help you to show you the way forward for change and magnificence.

Before you get frustrated and point the finger and blame others for being who they are to you, look within and see what you are being to yourself. For they are just acting out based on what vibration you give.

You will be different with each person you encounter. To one you may be loving, to another angry, to another unsupportive, to another needy, to another understanding. You are many people to many different scenarios. Each of these scenarios helps you to understand who you are.

So take this moment to open your eyes, and really look at everything that comes your way. It is your clue to move forward.

If you do not like who and what comes your way, you have the power to change it. Change you.

You are the leader and you have the power.

When you change within, you change without.

The toxic people are just a part of you. The more you suppress learning and understanding and reject it, the more you reject you.

It is time to see yourself for who you are. Love or fear?

Every pathway is your mirror. See it as your direction. See it as your map.

If you do not like the map, change direction. Find a new way to travel. Find a new place to travel to. Find new companions to travel with.

You are the driver of this journey.

Instigate change, or change will instigate you!



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