The focus of your thoughts is a very crucial point to attracting to you what you desire.

For if you focus on what you feel negative about, you will get more of that!

Even though deep in your heart you want something different and better…your deep rooted fears that lie sitting dormant in your subconscious can still lead you to what you want to avoid.

When you wish for what you want, it is vital to pay attention.

For signs come often. These signs come along to nudge you, guide you and inspire you.

And in this inspiration they call for you to take action.

Because in taking action, that is where the magic happens.

Are you looking for a particular person or service? If you start looking for it and put that thought in motion, your signs will reach you and show you where to look for them and even when to take action when they cross your path.

Would you like a more loving, harmonious relationship?

If you would like an improvement or to create something new or let go of an old one, your sign will show itself to you, and it will nudge you to do something about it.

Whether it is to look more deeply into your emotions and do some clearing around them. Go on an adventure and meet new people. Write that perfect partner list. Note: if you are already with someone – who’s to say that the person you are with won’t merge into that list of their own accord…? (Hint).

If you are looking to earn more money or improve your job perhaps you get a hunch to start your own business, start looking for different work, be creative around your finances or let go of a few things.

Are you looking to improve your health? You find that there are healthy eating programs and recipes being promoted left, right and centre…isn’t that a sign that is following you around and showing itself to you so that you can take action?

When you ask, are clear on what you want and seek to make it happen…the signs show themselves to you so that you can take the inspired action you need to take.

Sometimes it feels like some things show up more than other things because we call for them.

And that is true. That is due to what type of emotion you ignite it with.

If you are in a space of lack in any area of your life, you can focus all you want on abundance, but because of your current situation you may be adding doubt, fear and more lack to what you want, therefore attracting more of that.

So instead of just focusing with doubt and fear…pay attention to the Universal signs around you that are showing you the way to create what you doubt and fear.

Perhaps they are showing you what you need to work on and what blockages you need to release and that is a way toward manifesting what you truly desire.

Every path to creating what you wish is not always so straight forward.

Some take longer and with more effort. And that is because of your emotion that is tied to it.

So next time you want something…open your eyes. Be observant. Because the Universal energy is following you around and showing you what needs to happen in order for the next part of your Magical Manifestation process.

Be open to receiving. Take inspired action. Surrender and Trust. And accept and Allow for it to take place in your life.

Happy Manifesting!

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