Life is a battlefield of survival for some. A fight to the death.

If you have heard of the movie, The Hunger Games, then maybe you can relate it to your life.

In the movie, a government wants to put a stop to the uprising of communities. Removing freedom, voice and choice. Much like many ego/fear driven people who feel threatened by those that live in their heart space. For those who live in ego, need to keep others down.

A selection of 24 contestants are randomly drawn and put into a battlefield to fight amongst each other and the “winner” is the last one standing.

Funnily enough, the last ones standing are the ones who pull away from the conflict of the games. The ones who do not want to participate in ego, fear or hate.

In real life, we are all fighting in our own Hunger Games.

There are those that operate in such a high ego/fear space that they have to “win” no matter what it costs them or others. They will do whatever it takes to be on top. Belittle, sabotage, bully, abuse, manipulate. Whatever gets them the results that they want. But at what cost is this? There is no real, deep satisfaction, surely? This win cannot fulfill them in the long run.

And then there are those that get caught up in other people’s Hunger Games. They don’t want to participate. They are the targets. They do their best to survive what challenges they encounter in the battlefield, but they don’t want to play.

So who gets to win?

How do you win when you get enrolled in someone else’s battles?

Step away. Let go. Stop playing.

It’s simple.

If you take yourself out of someone else’s battle, then they have no one else to play with. They will be defeated.

This is not about winning or losing. This is about making a choice.

Be in the space of heart and love. Be in the space of grace. Don’t play petty games, because those games are of no value. You will never win.

You will win without meaning to win.

Those that drag you into their battle know how they trigger those they enroll in their field. They know what buttons to push. And when they push them, you react. When you pull away though…that is when they notice that that are losing. They are losing their grip on you.

Because how can you play a tug-o-war on your own?

Life is not about creating battlefields and knocking people down so you can get ahead.

There is more than enough for all of us to conquer and excel.

Life is not about being hungry for love and recognition and battling it out to survive.

Life is about thriving. We must begin with our own love. Our own recognition. Who cares what other people think?

Survival is what the ego needs to grow. It is fighting for its own win.

Whose game are you going to play?

There is no need to play at all. You are already a winner!

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