The turn of the tide depends on you, and how you perceive yourself. For when you perceive yourself as being unavailable to receive all that you desire, then the tide will overwhelm you and wash you away. For you will be giving away all of your power, and you will close yourself up to not receive, or receive that which resonates with your fear. For your fear is what will sing loud and clear. And you will find that frustrations creep into your life and you will not get what you consciously want, only that which connects into your subconscious fears.

Your fears below the surface are ones that you have not wanted to deal with or seek solutions for. Those fears are the ones that lead your life.

Do you feel stuck? Needy? Unloved? Unsupported? Are you receiving more of those experiences?

Perhaps it is time to see why. And when you see why, you can begin to turn the tide, so that you will be in a space where you flow freely, create, feel fulfilled, feel loved and supported and therefore you will receive more of them.

For when the tide of fear washes over you, you cannot breathe. There is overwhelm, so much feels like it is falling apart. But is it really falling apart? Or is it falling together?

Sometimes in life when you feel like everything is crumbling in and around your life, it is crumbling because the foundations need to be broken down. You need to be backed into a corner to see your life clearly and where you are at, and whether you are following your path of truth, or a path of destruction. Perhaps it is crumbling because you need to find a way out. And perhaps it is crumbling because the old needs to go, and the new needs to be rebuilt.

There is a rhyme and reason for everything. So when things seem to be falling apart, perhaps they are crumbling away so that things can fall together, and be rebuilt so that you have more control of your life, so that you can flow freely and so that you can love freely.

Because without that love and support within you to rebuild yourself, there will be no solid foundation. Your foundation is your own belief in life, who you are, where you want to be and how you want to be.

So if you find parts of your life crumbling, let it crumble. Because that is a part of you that you do not need. It is time to rebuild!

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