What is power?

It is the driving force within you. Some use it to get ahead, others use it for themselves.

Which power do you hold?

The power within you is your willpower. It is your strength and it is what leads your life. If you allow others to lead your life, then you are giving them your power. And they are using their power and your power to get what they need.

There are those that do it consciously and those that do it unconsciously.

The conscious power seekers usually do it out of a space of fear. They need to control others to feel safe and secure. They do not feel loved so they control out of fear of abandonment. And they use power against others in actions or words so that they can rise up and be noticed.

If a conscious power seeker needs to be in a space of power over others, then they are not harnessing their own inner power within.

For when a person uses their own power within, they do not need to take over the power of anyone else. They do not need to control. They do not have fear of abandonment. They do not need to be needy. They recognise that their own power within them is for them and it is used for good.

It is used to self develop the soul and to heal. It is used to create their own worthiness and value. It is to lead their own life with love and grace.

By harnessing their own power, they do not need another to follow their journey. They are comfortable in their own skin. They are the creators of their life. They own their own power, and no body can take that away from them.

The power seekers who choose to use the power of others in order to get ahead are deeply insecure. Even though they project bravado they are infact very fearful. They lack love and the only way for them to feel loved is to take the power of others. They manipulate, they drag another on their own journey even if it is not right for them. They refuse to let go because by letting go they will let go of the shield that they hide behind.

Which power do you hold? Yours or another’s?

How do you access your own power and use it for good?

Follow your own journey. Live your own life. Face your own fears. Create your own divine purpose and experience it. Be your own person. Feel secure within yourself. Know who you are. Manage your own emotions. Discover your own confidence.

In whatever place you are in, you can find your own power. You have it. There is no need for you to take it from another.

Do not let another steal your power, lead your life or make the decisions for yourself. You have the ability to create whatever you wish to create. If you are manipulated easily, then you need to review your insecurities. Where are you feeling unloved in life that you allow another to take charge?

What is it that makes you so insecure?

Why can’t you draw your own power from within?

What do you allow to block you?

What aren’t you letting go of?

You have the power at any given time. What you choose to do with it, whom you give it to and what you take away from another shows you what your relationship with your power is.

“When the Power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace!” Jimi Hendrix

The power of love stems from harnessing your own divinity, letting go, forgiving and trusting.

Be love in power.

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