The Energy of 2015

Much of 2014 was an uphill battle for most.

Many things you all thought would come to fruition, did not.

Yet that was the set up for the fabulous year that is coming for you.

The year that is about to end of 2014, was about ending many cycles and phases of your life.

Letting go of those stubborn emotions you wanted to hang onto.

And if you haven’t let them go, they will still be purging for you in the first half of the New Year to come.

In the year of 2014, you were forced to look at yourself on a much deeper level. A level of depth that you didn’t want to look at.

So if you did not want to look at it, it came back with much more force.

Life is not about running away. Life is about starting where you are now.

The many endings that occurred in 2014 were about completing many cycles of your life. Closing up energy loops. Sealing those open wounds.

Before those wounds could be sealed, there had to be much trauma that had to leave you.

These endings that you may have experienced and these endings you may have been witnessing around you were all about letting go. Preparing for the brilliant New Year ahead.

As there were many endings, when there are endings, there must be new beginnings. Some of those new beginnings did not last long though. And therefore you were confronted with another ending.

Nothing stuck like you wanted it to. There were many new cycles to let go of. Many new cycles to begin.

That was the year that was 2014.

And now here we are about to embark upon 2015.

2015 is going to be a year of Empowerment. A year of Knowledge. A year of Growth (as are all years!). But this one is different.

What you have been planting for many cycles (years) you will be reaping.

Don’t be surprised if the beginning of the year feels a little hard still.

The energy of 2014 will still be clearing. You will be merging into a new cycle of growth, understanding and knowledge.

This knowledge will bring you passions that you can apply to your life.

This growth will bring you love. For yourself. For others. With others. For life.

2015 is a strong year for you to achieve your hearts desires.

You have done much of the hard work already. Now you will be reaping what you have sown.

You will be collecting the goodness of all that you have wanted and expected.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that things will magically drop into your lap. You will still have to work for it. Just not work soooo hard as you had to in 2014.

Many things did not want to stick then because they were never meant to stick.

This is the year of sticking. So if you really, really want something, be careful what you wish for! For you just may get it!

2015 will be a year of stability. Things will flow to you and stay a while. You will be a creator and it will just work.

It will not be such a fearful year as 2014. This year that is ending was filled with much pain and loss. But it was necessary. It was necessary because you needed to find that space to look inside yourself to truly understand and see yourself more clearly.

It was also so that you could see what you lost. Did you really want it after all?

It was a year of looking back and seeing the old you. Merging into a new you. Facing your pain. Climbing that mountain. And gaining trust.

It was about trust. Things didn’t always work so well, but somewhere deep inside you, there had to be trust that it would all work out ok…somehow.

So hang in there for the rest of 2014. The energy is still thick and heavy. It will be subsiding soon.

And soon a new beginning…yet again.

This time these new beginnings will be like the sun that comes out and is here to stay. No gloomy clouds. Just sun and rainbows. And amongst this, when you experience pain, you will know that the worst has left. You are much stronger for it.

2015 is your year to utilise this new powerful energy.

This is a year to make things happen!

So make them happen!

Happy New Year!

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