To be scared is to lack love;

To lack love is to be fearful;

To be fearful is to be unsupported;

To be unsupported is to be lost;

To be lost is to be empty;

To be empty is to be unfulfilled;

To be unfulfilled is to be in lack;

To be in lack is to be ‘plentiful’;

To be ‘plentiful’ when in lack is an illusion;

To be under an illusion is to be in denial;

To be in denial is to be afraid;

To be afraid is to run;

To run is to sacrifice;

To sacrifice is to accept less;

To accept less is to believe unworthiness;

To believe unworthiness is to be in the dark;

To be in the dark is to be without light;

To be without light is to be alone;

To be alone is to be unloved;

To be unloved is to be ‘safe’;

To be ‘safe’ is to feel untouchable;

To be untouchable is to be isolated;

To be isolated is to be unsupported, unloved, in the dark, unworthy, in lack etc;

♥ We recycle our pain. We continue the pattern. We don’t see it because it has become a part of us. Our protection. We must come apart at the seams to really see our light, and to show others our light.

To shine is to be Open. Accessible. Worthy. Safe. Supported. Loved.

We are our own Light! ♥

So why do we stay in the dark?

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