The beacon of light is what draws all creatures to its magnificence. It shines brightly and it offers light, and the way to see onto the pathway ahead of you. It is your guide. It is your support. It is your truth.

If you follow the beacon of light through the darkness, it will offer you comfort. For you will not be alone in the dark. This light will guide you through. You will not be afraid and alone. This light will support you until you find your own way, your own light.

So why not turn this beacon of light on, within you? Turn the beacon of light, into the beacon of love. Love and light are one and the same. When you are loved, you shine brightly, you move forward more swiftly because you have support and comfort and you aren’t afraid.

The light is already installed into your system. Perhaps it has never been used. Perhaps it has been used and been forgotten. Perhaps you forgot about it and got side tracked by saying you are ok, and don’t need that light in the first place…

Whatever the case, it is within range, and it is always accessible to you, even when you don’t believe in it yourself.

What do you need to do, in order to become the beacon of love and light?

If you keep stumbling along in the darkness, you haven’t found that switch. By stumbling along in the darkness, you may fall, stub your toe, hurt yourself etc. So isn’t that what humanity does anyway? They cause themselves pain time and time again. And finally when they can take no more, they stumble along to that light switch?

That light switch can be many things. It can be a changing, more positive thought which gives you hope and allows you to rise up.

It can be a person, situation or a thing which also lifts you up and allows you to see past your own fears and darkness.

Or the strongest light, is the light that you keep turned on within you, at all times. Likened to sleeping with the light on. Except you are awake…always. You are awakened to your own heart and its desires. And its truth.

For there is nothing more powerful than your own truth. How you see yourself is the make or break of your life and your existence. If you see yourself as less than you are, then you shall be. And you shall stumble along without that light.

If you choose to rise up and push through those niggling thoughts and ideas of yourself that keep you down, if you push through them and choose to always focus upon that beacon that beckons you forward, then just keep on following that light. Because that is your own light that calls you. Your own light that wants to raise you up high and ensure that you know, at every moment how magnificent you truly are. And that you are worthy of being true to yourself.

Because there is nothing more powerful then the truth that you tell yourself. If it is empowering, honest, enlightening, uplifting to you…then that is your truth. Nothing can take that away from you, unless you let it.

You are the only one with the power to turn that switch on and off. So if you become the beacon of love and light, and always keep it switched on….then you will always know how to find your way home. The home that is your truth!

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