Start…Before you are ready.

Things don’t have to be perfect. Things will never be perfect. You have to create the moment of perfection to start anything.

That moment of perfection will never be perfect in itself. But in this moment it is perfect because you have started. Everything else will catch up.

You have made a promise to yourself about creating a beginning. There will be a middle. And not an end. For the journey will continue. There will be twists and turns, stops and starts, but you will keep moving.

That is what needs to happen. Move.

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Feed Yourself With Love

To be starved of love is to be in lack. And this shows up in all areas of your life. It is not just about love. It is about your journey forward, it is about money, it is about health, it is about emotions, it is about spirit. For when you lack the self love

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The Beacon Of Love

The beacon of light is what draws all creatures to its magnificence. It shines brightly and it offers light, and the way to see onto the pathway ahead of you. It is your guide. It is your support. It is your truth. If you follow the beacon of light through the darkness, it will offer

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The Cycle Of Pain

To be scared is to lack love; To lack love is to be fearful; To be fearful is to be unsupported; To be unsupported is to be lost; To be lost is to be empty; To be empty is to be unfulfilled; To be unfulfilled is to be in lack; To be in lack is

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Finding The Light Through The Dark

In times of uncertainty, we choose to stay in the dark. We choose to stay here because it is our comfort. It has been our comfort in times of darkness, and through these times of darkness we have not known the light. Yet the light is a warm, loving, happy place. A place that is

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