Tips for Manifesting

The focus of your thoughts is a very crucial point to attracting to you what you desire.

For if you focus on what you feel negative about, you will get more of that!

Even though deep in your heart you want something different and better…your deep rooted fears that lie sitting dormant in your subconscious can still lead you to what you want to avoid.

When you wish for what you want, it is vital to pay attention.

For signs come often. These signs come along to nudge you, guide you and inspire you.

And in this inspiration they call for you to take action.

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Dream Stealers

Dream stealers.

We have all met them. Most of us are related to them or currently are or have been in a relationship with them.

What do they do? Steal your dreams.

Have you ever been so excited about something you wanted to do and in your excitement decided to share that news with someone, only for your balloon to be popped and inflated?

“Why do you want to do that for?” they say. “It’ll never work.” “You won’t achieve it.” “You will fail.” And on and on they go, with all the reasons why it can’t happen.

Suddenly that excitement that you felt just disappeared. POP! Gone!

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Two Way Mirror

Have you ever felt strongly about something in your life, and felt positive, excited and hopeful and just knew that it would come to fruition soon?

Only what you were experiencing currently, what you were living and seeing all around you wasn’t like that vision you knew about or felt.

It can be hard to keep up the hope when what you know about hasn’t happened. And when you see what is currently, which is not what you know about.

So how to get around this?

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Fear Is Just An Illusion

Fear is a creation of the imagination. Yet it sits in our soul and our energy and our life and it feeds us. It feeds us to the point that we stop ourselves from being who we truly are to the core. We forget who we are. We stop making the right choices for us.

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Where does one find inspiration from? Inspiration can come through many sources in life. From within. From without. Yet the most important type of inspiration and the most long lasting one, is the one that comes from within. For without that spark within you that brings you faith, there would be no action to create

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A Way Back Into Love

To deviate from love, is to deviate with oneself and your path. Love stares at you in the face every day. It is within you every day. Yet why do you not see it? Why do you choose to block it out? It is around you in all opportunities that are around you in every

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When you lose faith in life and love, there is usually one person at fault here…you! This is not to put blame on anyone, yet you are the common denominator in this equation, and you are the only one who is keeping the faith from you in all that you do and all that you

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Finding Yourself Through Love

In finding love, you need to find yourself. When you are lost in the darkness seeking love outside of yourself, you might find yourself wandering for a long time. For to search outside of yourself often ends in pain. All that you need and have ever needed has always been within you. This is old

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Forgiveness is the way forward. When we hold back in forgiving, usually we are faced with restrictions. Things seem tighter, tenser. In forgiving a person or situation, you are releasing the strain of your life. You are releasing a burden that you hold so tightly. When you do not forgive, ask yourself why? What are

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Finding The Light Through The Dark

In times of uncertainty, we choose to stay in the dark. We choose to stay here because it is our comfort. It has been our comfort in times of darkness, and through these times of darkness we have not known the light. Yet the light is a warm, loving, happy place. A place that is

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