Things don’t have to be perfect. Things will never be perfect. You have to create the moment of perfection to start anything.

That moment of perfection will never be perfect in itself. But in this moment it is perfect because you have started. Everything else will catch up.

You have made a promise to yourself about creating a beginning. There will be a middle. And not an end. For the journey will continue. There will be twists and turns, stops and starts, but you will keep moving.

That is what needs to happen. Move.

Imagine you are driving in nightfall, and all you can see ahead of you is what the headlights are showing you. Just a short distance ahead. You cannot see all the way ahead because there is no light, so you have put your trust in just the bit of road you can see.

That is what life is about. Focus on the next step, and the step after that shall unfold and reveal itself in due time. For if you don’t move forward in any way, then you cannot see what is ahead. For when you move that is when you see what is ahead. The road will be seen by you, only after you move.

There is trust in this process. Trust that the light will hold out for you and that you will be able to see the next step when it is revealed to you.

So promise to yourself, that you will begin.

A new beginning starts with a new thought, an idea, an emotion, a desire and so on. Then it follows with expressing yourself about your idea, communication to yourself and others about what you would like. Then comes action. Making a physical act that will bring about your idea.

And all this happens step by step.

If you feel overwhelmed at any time about anything that you want, don’t! No body knows all of the answers now. They will be revealed when a person is ready to hear or see it.

So begin where you are.

Follow the road less travelled. See what you have in front of you. Follow the steps that you are guided to follow.

The rest will unfold just like…magic!

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