peopleWe all have relationships of some form.

We connect, we grow, we shrink and we learn.

All relationships bring us something we need. Our vibration brings us the right soul relationship that we need at the right time in our life.

What is your vibration bringing you?

There is an easy way to see this.

For everyone is your mirror. Everyone that you come across is speaking your language in energy.

Every interaction we encounter with another person is a relationship. Whether you just pass them in the street. Whether you are related to them. Whether you know them for a short time or have a long or short intimate relationship.

Each person we encounter is brought to us by our soul. Our soul calls them to us.

There are many recognitions when we encounter another soul. For there are some that we connect to instantly and we feel like we know them and we just pick up where we left off like we have been together before and others are more distant and feel more like acquaintances and we must get to know them for much longer.

We recognise them from another dimension.

Many are very focussed on soul mates. As in the intimate partner that they spend their life with.

Everyone we encounter is a soul mate. From a one minute meeting to a lifetime, they are your mate for that time.

Souls have different journeys from each other. Infact most souls do.

Some may meet and spend their lives together. Others come together for a short time and must leave each other.

This is all about the lesson that they must learn.

One of the most painful separations is that of the souls who come together to be in an intimate relationship. Many wonder where their perfect mate is.

In regards to perfection, no one is perfect. The perfection is about the union. In that each person possesses the qualities within them at the time in order to gain learning and growth. Even if some souls are abusive or unkind, that is what they need at the time to teach themselves or others.

As mentioned, each soul has their own lesson. Some may meet, and then be separated. That is because their vibration drew them to their mate in that moment. But their vibrations didn’t meet completely. And they had to move on in order to grow, evolve and change their vibration for their learning.

When relationships end in any form that is because one has accelerated their learning and their vibration has changed and the other no longer matches this soul. They can come back together, but their vibration must match like a magnet.

Think of soul relationships as a school. Two souls come together and unite in a relationship. Let’s say an intimate one. One has to leave, either for good, or for a while. It is like attending school, and life being that school. Each soul needs to attend a class. And each soul has their own curriculum to learn.

You cannot force a soul to be with you if they have not learnt a particular lesson and passed. And in regards to passing the test, this is about their own lesson whether it be a positive or negative one. The final result will reside in their own energy field. So their energy field has to change in accordance to what they have learnt.

So if the one soul that got left behind is waiting for the other soul to return, their energy must match the soul that left. If they have not attended any other classes and their vibration remains the same and doesn’t match that of the soul that moved forward, then there is a gap. Their vibration differs.

This vibration that is spoken of is wide. There is much variation.

Each soul is like a magnet to each other. They are naturally drawn to each other when the time is right. There is no need to look. All souls will find each other eventually.

And that includes friendships, families – for e.g. when a soul is ready to be born, their vibration will find its family and there they will enter into that soul family. All connections will find each other. If a soul decides to leave very soon after deciding to join a family, it is because their vibration did not match the family. It could also be that it was part of the lessons required for all souls involved.

If a soul has an insight that it is time to meet new people, that is their vibration telling them to follow their instinct on how to meet people, to use their vibration to put out the signal. So that soul will then take the steps needed in order to find the other souls that this soul is required to meet by their signal.

They may join groups, go places, change careers, decide to date or socialise more. Whatever happens, they are changing their vibration to magnetise to them the souls that they need to meet. It also happens via thought. If there is a thought that they want to meet new people, suddenly their vibration is putting out that signal and all vibrations in alignment with that soul and what it is requiring, suddenly start aligning for this meeting. This is all that happens behind the scenes. Like a production crew.

Everything is vibration. You are a magnet. You attract to you what you are.

If you do not like what you are and what you are attracting, then change your vibration by attending more classes. Do different things. Act differently. See who you are and what you bring to you.

What experiences come to you? What types of relationships appear to you? How are you treated? Who is treating you this way?

Every clue you need to have is staring you in the face. Every soul is teaching you who you are, and who they are.

If you want something more specific then you need to change your vibration and you will instantly become a beacon and the right soul will find its way to you.

Be the change. Change the vibration. Create a magnet. Switch on the signal.

And just watch what happens next!

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