We all want love! We are beings that crave attention, love, nurturing and care.

But how do we identify what Soul Love is? Is there even such a thing?

Soul Love is not what you think it is. It is not always the connection of finding your “soul mate”, a term that is completely overused and mostly identified with a love partner.

Soul Love is your soul’s way of teaching you, allowing you to grow, it brings you lessons in life and love, offers you opportunities, takes away opportunities. All in all, it is what makes you, YOU!

You are the sum of Soul Love!

What has brought you here to this point is your soul showing you love.

“But I have had many unpleasant, painful experiences,” you say?

All of humanity has! Yet when you take a look back to the past of an unpleasant experience, one that you have moved on from, you will see that you are not the same person. You have grown, changed, learned and loved. You now appreciate yourself more for that experience. And you will not accept that experience in the same way again!

The past cannot hurt you if you have healed it.

If you continue to be hurt by something in the past and it still triggers you, then you have not healed it and are still attracting the same experiences in order for you to “get it” and grow.

This is your soul teaching you how to love. And love begins with you!

If you keep having the same experiences in life, attracting the same types of people, then what part of your learning are you not wanting to deal with?

Everything shows up in your life for a reason.

Relationships with others are the most challenging of all, yet the most fulfilling in the way they teach us. They teach us what we want and don’t want in life. They trigger our insecurities and bring them up to the surface to see. How we then deal with those insecurities are up to us. How do you react? How do you deal with it?

Soul Love is indeed our soul giving us love. We incarnated as a soul and we agreed to have these experiences put upon us in order to evolve, help others evolve and for enlightenment.

So next time when you feel like life is handing you lemons, that it’s “just too hard!”, or that “no body loves me…”, just remember, your soul wanted you to experience love. To rise above your pain, to learn, to teach others and to really understand what Soul Love is.

Soul Love in a nutshell… is YOU! 

You are LOVE. Love is you! 

Always remember that when you feel you cannot move forward or are feeling stuck and frustrated. If you only look beyond what is in front of you and further out to the real issue, then you will quickly see how to resolve your problem.

It is not a problem unless you make it to be a problem. For all can be resolved.

Just use calm for clarity. Faith for inspiration. And trust in knowing that your experiences are vital for your evolution.

An evolution that is shaping your soul to be one of pure love!

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