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If you knew how much punishing yourself hurt you, then why do you still do it?

You have experienced pain on many levels. Mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. But on the emotional level, this is where you hurt yourself the most.

Keeping yourself in pain isn’t doing you any good. So why do you stay there?

If you were to take a deeper look at the type of ways that you punish yourself, you wouldn’t believe your own eyes.

When another does it, someone who is outside of you, that is when you can clearly see it and you don’t like it one bit. So why do you do it to yourself?

Here are some examples of self punishment:

  • Keeping yourself stuck in situations that you know are hurting you.

You hang onto people, places, situations and emotions that you know aren’t changing (because you refuse to change and expect the outside forces to change instead!). You allow your fear to build up and then it becomes harder to walk away because you only know that fear that you have been so attached to and not anything nurturing beyond that because you believe you don’t deserve it;

  •  Starving yourself!

Financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and on many other levels. Why do you deprive yourself of what is your given right? You are allowed to be abundant in all areas and are allowed to ask for more. You are worthy of it and you deserve it. Why should others have this and not you?

  • Mistreating yourself.

Thinking and feeling mean things about yourself. Is it ok that you do it to yourself but if others do it to you, you react? It is initially the same thing. They are doing to you what you are doing to you. You are teaching them how to treat you. Maybe it is time to begin treating yourself with respect. In words, thoughts, food, exercise, actions and creating positive changes in life;

  • Putting others before you.

Shouldn’t you have the very best life has to offer? Why are you giving your power away to others, putting them first? Including children and partners. If you are depleted and unloved how can you give that to others? You are giving the depleted part of yourself to others until there is nothing left. And then you scream and cry out for help and profess that nobody loves you. You began this process in the first place by giving all you had until there was nothing left. It is time to give some back to you. And more!

  • Staying small.

If you keep yourself down and others up (sometimes on a pedestal that you created for others) and no one notices you then you begin to create behaviours and fears that are self created that show the world that you have no worth. You will believe that you are nothing and should stay nothing. It is time to rise up and play big. Be big. Show the world who you are. Not for them, but for you. To claim your worth and to be the best you can be. Not so someone will love you, but so that you can continue to love you and everything else will be a bonus. This is your time!

There are many ways in which you can see patterns of how you punish yourself. When you hurt and you stay hurt, then you are just sticking the knife in deeper.

Yes it is ok to hurt because this is what must happen in order for the next healing stage to occur.

But if you don’t learn from that hurt, then you will just keep accepting that it is ok to just keep punishing yourself. And you will be teaching others that it is ok to do it too.

Life isn’t about beating yourself down. Life is about living.

The journey that most of you have if not all of you is to learn how to love.

To love yourself, others, show compassion, be mean (so that others can learn the lessons of life), forgiveness, gratitude and the list goes on.

Love is always the primary factor for what you have and don’t have.

Love isn’t about fluff. Love is about respect, consideration and truth.

So take a closer look at your life. Are you punishing yourself?

If so, it is time to let go and practice self forgiveness. Stop resisting the flow of life, love and change. It is time for you to shine now.

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