scary cityScarcity is a deep fear that people accept as being ok.

To rise above it brings about much challenge, much shame and much hardship.

Scarcity is not just about not having enough money. It reflects all parts of life.

Scarcity = “Scare City”.

You keep yourself in a city of fear. You surround yourself with such shame and loneliness that if you were to step outside of that circle, you would be dragged right back in. You know nothing else.

This is how scarcity affects many areas of your life.

Have you ever emotionally eaten something?

Instead of dealing with the actual emotion, you turned to food.

You were afraid of losing the negative emotion which fed you and fulfilled you, and so you had to stuff it down with food. You were overcome with a fear of not having enough, being enough and of a deep lack within you.

So in order to feel “full” you used food as your fuel, literally. You experienced scarcity. You kept yourself full in any way that you could. And in that instance it was food.

Have you ever stayed in a relationship that had long since passed its use by date?

Whether it was a significant other, a friendship, a colleague, a client, a business deal or job.

You accepted less than you deserved. You had that fear, that if you moved on you would not find what you had before. Or that you would be left all alone, abandoned, without support, without money or a job.

Scarcity showing itself again.

Why are you willing to accept less?

The fear of letting go has to be replaced with the negative of what you accept. If you accept something, then that would be better than nothing.So you stay.

Holding onto scarcity covers the shame that lies beneath the surface.

Shame is a very powerful fear that lies unnoticed. It can be very debilitating.

There is shame in not having enough. But that is not looked at. Instead, there is an acceptance that it is ok to not have enough.

If there is shame, then there is judgement. And that also is a fear that is swept under the rug. For it would be better to live in pain then to be judged or to admit defeat.

If you hold onto something, then that must be better than nothing, right?

For having nothing is having nothing. And that is what many hold onto. The fear. Even if it is an illusion. Because at least they have something. Confused?

Shame is a big energy of fear. It is the fear of being found out that you are not good enough. That you cannot be accepted. That you are nothing.

And it is better to live in a city that scares you (scar-city) because at least you know what you are getting. And here, everyone is hiding the truth. That they are all scared.

Keeping yourself stuck in the same old beliefs and patterns, is like emotionally eating. It keeps you full. Because at least you know what you are getting. You have something.

When you have nothing, you have nothing.

But by letting go of the scarcity, it is not to have anything. It is to create something in place of the void. For scarcity is the true void.

Scarcity is the place where the darkness lies. It is acceptable. And it is believable that it is how it will always be.

It doesn’t have to be. It is a fear just like any other. It is an illusion to keep you stuck, alone and abandoned.

It makes you believe that you cannot have more. That you are not worthy of more. And that you will never achieve more.

That more is always for someone else other than you. But those others are also living in their city of scare. They are scared too. Just that no one will admit to it completely. Because that will bring up shame and judgement. And so the cycle continues.

Once we all rise up and admit to our defeat that is when change will truly happen. For without responsibility, there will be no change. There will be no growth. There will be no abundance.

Change will happen, but first there must be admittance.

Isn’t it time to move out of a city that does nothing but scare you?

You deserve more. Find the place of truth, and move there!

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