“What you resist wallpersists!”

Have you heard this saying before?

It doesn’t seem logical though, does it?

If you want to avoid something, then how is it that you are building it instead?

For it is the same when you run away with all of your problems instead of facing them, they run away with you. They follow you even if you don’t realise it. It may take you years to see that your problems are your closest friends.

The same goes with building walls. Emotional ones.

What you want to keep out, you are actually keeping within.

Being resistant is about being connected to your fear. You are saying no. You are saying stop. You are closing your heart. You are stopping the flow.

In taking down the wall you open your heart, you flow, say yes when it feels right to say yes. You are moving forward and you are trusting.

And yes you feel vulnerable too in saying yes. But the more you trust, the more you let down that wall and it will feel natural to be open and just flow.

So how do you bring down resistance?

Resistance is about protecting you from the elements. The elements of love, truth, journey, flow and life.

At one point in your life or more, you were hurt. And then you were hurt again.

Depending on how you were hurt, not necessarily how many times, you began building layers.

And over time if just felt safer to stay within the confines of the walls.

Think about it like being in prison. You long to be free. But you are also afraid to be free.

Will you survive? Will anyone love you? Will you be looked after? Can you do it? What if you were free but could not cope and were sent back to prison?

When you become resistant, you build walls in layers. As much as you feel frustrated within these walls, they are your home. You are safe here. No one can touch you.

How did they get there? Why did you let yourself be surrounded by these walls?

When there is a deep hurt within you that is unseen and unacknowledged, that is when the cement begins to harden around these walls you are building.

The more you do not see your pain and work through it that is when more layers come along.

Dealing with pain and facing it head on will always leave you feeling vulnerable. And it must. For it needs to open you up to receive.

You must be open to receive. And to be open to receive, you must trust.

Trust is not an easy thing to give. Why do you trust others more easily than you trust yourself?

Because you want the pain. You want that reasoning to say, “That is why I didn’t trust, because I knew that I would get hurt.”

That is an old story you tell yourself. And that story is keeping you confined within your walls of pain.

Resistance needs to be broken down. You need to be broken down. You need to open yourself up to trust that life flows.

If it flows towards a challenging situation and emotion, then you need to flow with that. Because that particular pain is something that may link to another pain and another pain, and all those pains together are like a long chain that are holding your wall up. Each one corresponds to the next, and without one or the other the wall would not be there.

So next time you think that all you are ever dealing with is pain after pain after pain, yes you are. Because they all connect together like magnets. And they need to be broken down so that they can be released. Don’t fight it. Deal with it!

Let yourself flow and release.

Let go of the resistance you have to life.

Trust that life is about flow.

Be in the moment. Be vulnerable. Be open.

Let others in. Let yourself in.

No love can come to you from behind that wall. If it comes, it cannot stay long. Because it is dark behind that wall. And love needs to stay with the light. Love is the light. And that light is outside of that wall. When light comes within that wall, it won’t be long before you suffocate it with your fear. And it leaves. Just like you wanted it to. Because you were too afraid to open your heart. And there was no trust.

Love is waiting for you. And it will flow freely to you when you stop resisting who you are.

You are beauty. You are love. You are free.

Be free. You have the key!

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