Love and Anger are created equally.

They have the same amount of energy, force, construction or destruction, and can both be very powerful in their own rights.

Ponder this…

We treat others with respect and graciousness, yet when it comes to ourselves we abuse and belittle ourselves.

We do not provide the healing space within us to just be….in whatever emotion we are being. We beat ourselves up, we are hard on ourselves, and we give up!

If love were a person, would this person be scolding you?

Love is created for growth, for understanding, for compassion and for being the best you can be. And it’s free!

So why are you not accepting this gift that you have always had within you, and is available to you whenever you wish it to be?

Love vs. anger will always be in conflict.

How can you love when you hate? How can you hate when you love?

Which perspective would you like to see it as?

Love is always a friend, always understanding towards you, always builds you up and completes you, it does not judge, and it is always readily available to you.

Hate is always within you if you let it be, and it will burn a hole through you, cause your emotions to be unstable, it will always let you live in the shadow, and it will never let you rise above all your fears.

Black or white? Rise or fall?

What are you choosing today? And why?

Love is the strength within you. Love is your friend. Love is your ally.

Love is a power that once you hold it, no shadow can infiltrate into your system, as you will always have that friend who says, “you can do it!”, “I believe in you!”.

When deciding how you feel today, see it as a friend.

Would you rather spend time with that friend who encourages you and makes you laugh and feel good?

Or would you prefer to spend time with the friend who will always put you down, make you sad and never offer their hand when you need it.

Love vs. Anger…

It’s not hard to see which is the better choice…

So make that choice, and make it from within your heart, and know that Love will always look after you, through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Happily ever after!

And that’s Love!

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