When one lacks money, one really lacks love. This is a strange theory, yet one that needs undoing to be seen for its truth. For if we dig deeper into the reasons that one does not have the money flow that is required, one will see that deeper down, love is missing.

Love being described as a broader term, is being able to have the freedom to be who you need to be. To be confident in life, to have one’s own self power, and to have the self sufficiency to be able to create it for oneself.

When one is stuck in financial lack, there is a part of love that is missing. One may argue that there are others around that love them, and we do not deny that, yet we see that there are other fears that block money. Self worth. Anger. Lack. Control. Lack of trust. Lack of faith. Lack of confidence. And so on.

For being in financial lack, is not something that has occurred overnight. It is something that occurred over time. And over that time, all sorts of fears built up, arose and are now coming to the fore. And they manifest in your life as the ability to not create money easily. If one is able to create the money easily, why doesn’t it stick? What fear within you, allows it to run out of your life, as quickly as it came in? Perhaps it is unworthiness that is showing itself. Or the lack of confidence that more will come in just as quickly, and that there is no need to hold onto it so fiercely?

So how does this theory of love being money, and money being love go together?

Think of all the times you have had love, yet no money. And all the times you have had money and no love. When love is spoken of, it is not spoken of as another person. This love we say is self love. For when one has money, is there self love? Is there self confidence? Is there peace?

And when one has love, is there the ability to spend freely and not be guilty? Or is there doubt that perhaps one should save money instead of spend it?

There is a real lackness that comes from money and love. If it isn’t one, it’s the other, or even both.

This is a personal opinion to be had. One must look back into their life, to all the times they had money and all the times that they didn’t to see the truth of it.

If you were to dissect money and love, much more closely you would see that this would be a relationship that goes hand in hand.

Let’s take the paying of bills for instant. Who gets so excited when a bill arrives to be paid? Not many of you. This is where your energy changes. It restricts the flow of cash, the lack mentality and feeling comes along, doubt, lack of confidence etc. People get frustrated, that they have to pay a bill. All sorts of things run through their mind about what revolves around paying this bill.

Take a look at bill paying as a relationship. Money and you. You have a relationship with money. The providers that supply the bill (e.g. phone, electricity, internet, rent etc), supply their service with trust. Much like being in an actual relationship, there needs to be trust. And in return for their trust, you must pay them for their service. I.e. Money/Love. Now if you went back to all the emotions you have had in the past that were negative about paying your bill, you would find that you weren’t playing fair in that relationship. That you were all about taking, and not giving. You were being needy. You did not trust. The other party, gave your trust, and gave their love, yet you just took and took. Because an insecurity came up in you. That if you were to open your heart and love (pay) freely, then your heart would be broken.

So love and money go hand in hand. When one has money, one does not have a deep true love (with themselves!). And when one has love (gaining self love is a lifelong process…), one does not have the money they desire. Because they go hand in hand. They are both love. And money provides for us. It is not about greed. All of humanity has the capacity to create money. There are many people in lack in the world, as there are many people in the world who control this lack. And this lack is borne out of fear, and insecurity, and lack of love.

So if you create love, then you will create money. Because they both flow hand in hand. And just like a true loving relationship, you want to walk with the person you love hand in hand. And that would be you!

So next time you feel insecure about love or money, see them as the same thing. Because they really are. An exchange of energy. They provide for us and help us to grow. There is always enough to go around…if you see yourself as abundant and love yourself abundantly…then the rest will flow to you!

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