Quite often when we shy away from making progress toward something that inspires us, we put it down to the excuses that come up in life.

What if those excuses weren’t really excuses, just deep seated fears that were rising to the surface, yet you saw them as laziness?

It is easy to get swept away in life. To be distracted. To not want to follow through. For when you move forward toward a desire, one that is very dear to your heart, and one that you have so much passion toward, stopping the process in working toward it and creating it, can be a frightening process.

Because here is where all your emotions arise. At first there is excitement, passion, enthusiasm, and joy. Then as you get closer to it, comes unworthiness, fear, lack, no support etc. And all these emotions that were tucked away and hidden start to arise. And so laziness and unenthusiasm manifests. And you give up hope.

Some may push through this, and make things happen. Others just put away their dreams and get distracted and work towards it here and there, not really putting their full focus on the project, because they aren’t willing to dig deep to see what the actual issue was in the first place, why they gave up, why they got distracted. Or give up altogether.

Deep seated fear takes us by surprise in the most surprising way. Hence the surprise! It may not always come up as we expect. So it’s important to pay attention to emotions, and life. And to know yourself. For if you can recognise that laziness and lack of enthusiasm is more than just not being bothered, then you have a good grip on knowing who you are and can push through these barriers that you create.

So pay attention to your reactions. Be honest with yourself. Don’t give up! And most of all…you are not lazy…just fearful. You are not uncreative, or unenthused, just faced with some challenges that have arisen. And you CAN do anything you put your mind to. Perhaps you just have some blocks to push through, some old fears to clear, some emotions to deal with.

Life isn’t straight forward. It moves along in zig zags. It slows. It speeds up. As long as you are paying attention to all the curves, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

So push through it! Make it happen! Be good to yourself! And believe!

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