IntuitionHow can you tell when you receive a message that comes from intuition or mind chatter, i.e. – Ego?

Intuition has a different vibration. It supports you. And it speaks the truth. And it wants to lead you in the right direction – even if it is something that you don’t want to hear.

Mind chatter which can be also known as Ego. It speaks of fear. Its job is to keep you stuck. It wants you not to trust.

The easiest way to recognise it is when it first comes to you. When it first comes to your mind, it is an instant thought, vision and feeling.

Not long after, the mind chatter will come along and want to tear that message apart. It will put doubts in your mind. It will make you question what you first felt. It will make you feel fear.

Many people will interpret intuition differently. Some may have a strong sense. Get shivers up their body. Have an instant knowing, without know how or why. See a vision. Hear a word (usually in their own voice). And much more.

So why do many follow fear instead of intuition?

It is usually because the thing that they are asking their intuition about, they are too emotionally enrolled in. So thinking clearly will alter their belief.

Intuition is not about the head. It is about the heart and about the Soul.

For your intuition is being brought to you by your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self and your Soul. The parts of you that knows best and that can see ahead.

Intuition will not always tell you what you want to hear.

For e.g. if there is something that you want to know about and you are very much emotionally invested in it, then you will most probably want to hear a yes. But what if your intuition said no, and that was the best way forward for you? Would you take notice of that answer? Or would you keep asking until you got a yes which came from your Ego anyway?

All the answers are never revealed when we want them to be. We are given fragments like a puzzle. This puzzle makes sense further on. When we look back and join all the pieces together, that is when we will see the whole picture.

Intuition is about trust. Trust in the unknown. Trust in you. Because these messages really come from you. Your Soul wants to lead you. And so does Ego…

Ego is fighting for attention. The Soul is quietly whispering in your ear, encouraging you and guiding you to the best pathway for your evolution.

The Ego just wants to win. Be on top. Be heard. Because the Ego is made of fear and insecurity. The Ego needs acknowledgement.

The Soul does not need an audience. Just you. It needs you to hear it.

The Soul flows with grace. It is calm, patient and loving.

The Ego is a tyrant and can get nasty and will do what it needs to, in order to lead you off in the wrong direction. It is not loving at all. It is just a nuisance.

So listen to your intuition, which is your Soul.

Your Soul always guides you.

If it is not from within you, it is from without you.

Your intuition will send you the answers via your emotions, mind, heart and soul. It will also show you with your eyes and ears. It will bring you messages you can hear -via other people, TV, radio, songs, words etc. And it will show you with sight, by seeing signs all around you, dreams, pictures etc.

The key is to pay attention. Ask a question.

Usually the immediate first answer you receive is the right one. Does it feel right? Or is it a forced answer?

If you are not sure, let it go and ask again. And again another sign will come. And never from where you think it will come.

You can connect into your own GPS. It works. Just turn up the dial. Your Soul will always be guiding you gently while your Ego screams to be heard.

When you quiet the Ego, the Soul can be heard more clearly.

What would you rather lead you? An insecure tyrant or a loving, peaceful guide?

You choose.


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