skyWhen you worship you are putting someone or something up on a pedestal.

You are already setting yourself up for failure.

For when you see everything outside of you as being better, giving it more energy and making it untouchable, then you do not see yourself clearly.

Yes you can have passions towards something or someone. Yes you can care very much about something or someone outside of you.

But when you put so much focus on something outside of you, this causes problems.

To be honest, we are all created equal. We have many different gifts and talents. Some have reached more success in certain areas more quickly than ourselves, but that does not mean that we are less. We all hold value. We are all loveable. And we are all worthy.

When you worship something outside of you so greatly, like a person or a religion, you become very sensitive if others do not see your views, just as you see them.

For you have put that person, situation or deity up on a pedestal. Yes you see them differently to the way that others do, but why do you give so much focus to it? Why is it any better than you are? Why are you not taking that energy and bringing it back to you. As in projecting that love unto yourself?

Religion is a very sensitive topic to many. And this is not about tearing it apart. Everyone believes in something, even if it is nothing. Everyone has an opinion about it. Everyone sees it in a different light.

That is fine. We should all hold our own opinions about what we believe in.

But the trouble here with this, is that religion is put upon a pedestal. It is deemed as untouchable. And this is where the sensitivity gets really strong. If others dare to have an opinion different to the believer, most times, that other belief is taken into deep offence.

Now there are many believers who carry on and believe what they want to believe and do not worry about what others believe or don’t believe. But if one believer has this deity or belief so high and in such an untouchable manner, then they are already setting themselves up for disappointment.

For anything anyone believes other than what they believe, there is great offence. They are putting all their energies and focus on the love outside of themselves. They are removing their own life’s journey and giving up lack of responsibility. And their belief is that the deity will save them. Isn’t it up to them to save their own life?

This can also be said about putting someone up on a pedestal. If you are in a relationship for instance, and you have that person up on a pedestal, you do not see their flaws. Everyone has flaws. And it is good to see them. It doesn’t mean you love them less, it means you just have more acceptance you and allow someone to be who they are.

By having someone up so high, you become so sensitive about any opinion other than your own, if they don’t agree. You are focusing all your love outside of you, toward that other person.

Where is the love within you?

Why aren’t you putting yourself up on a pedestal?

By putting yourself up on a pedestal, this is not to be egotistical. This is to allow you to have and enjoy self worth.

This is to love yourself and all your choices.

If someone wants to offend you, you won’t be offended so easily because you are strong about who you are and what you stand for.

Ego should not exist. Ego is insecurity. Ego is fear.

If someone does not agree with your beliefs, how you live your life or who you are, that should not be your concern.

Everyone is entitled to a belief. Everyone is entitled to a voice.

It is free will to have a voice and believe in whatever you want to believe in.

So if you have strong beliefs about a religion or a deity and you have strong faith, then great. Enjoy those beliefs. Live your life according to what you believe in.

But do not cast judgement onto others who do not have those same beliefs.

Do not get overly sensitive if someone’s beliefs and words do not match what you believe.

Everyone is entitled to have a voice. You may not agree with it, and if you find yourself getting too overly sensitive about it, find it to be controversial, then perhaps you are putting your belief too much on a pedestal. Take it down a notch. See yourself clearly.

Are you that insecure about yourself that you need to find love outside of yourself? If so, you can change that. You can begin to love yourself just as much as you love that which is outside of yourself.

Life is about expressing ourselves. Being free to have a voice and an opinion. Accepting who each of us are. And enjoying life.

If you are over sensitive about words from others that you don’t agree with and take offence easily, then why are you still walking on eggshells?

It is like being in a bad relationship where you do not freely express yourself because you are afraid to rock the boat.

In a good relationship you should feel courageous about expressing yourself and indeed rocking that boat. Because at least you will have an open and honest relationship where you can clearly express yourself, trust the process, have a voice and be heard.

Be strong. Express yourself. Have your beliefs. Experience your life. Do not believe everything you read or hear. Experience it for yourself.

Stop being so sensitive about others not agreeing with you. No one will ever agree with you one hundred percent. We are all different and unique.

This is how we are made. This is how we learn. And this is who we are.

If this article offends you, then ask yourself why?

Why are your beliefs up on a pedestal and why have you put them there?

Value yourself and your opinion. Express yourself and have a voice.

Be unique and love yourself first before you love another thing.

You are responsible for your life. Not your deity, not another person.

It is not in other people’s hands. It’s in your hands.

We are players in this game called life. How you play is what you get back.

So give it all you have. Believe in you. You are it!

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