In times of uncertainty, we choose to stay in the dark. We choose to stay here because it is our comfort. It has been our comfort in times of darkness, and through these times of darkness we have not known the light.

Yet the light is a warm, loving, happy place. A place that is within our reach in order to find security, warmth and love. It is a place where we can pursue our dreams. It is a place where we can find the Faith we need to pull ourselves out of our ruts. It is the place where we belong.

In knowing how to surge through this darkness we choose to stay in, we must find our strength. Our strength that is buried quite deep, one that fear likes to overtake. Yet fear is not strength. It is weakness disguised as strength. And we give fear credit, more than we should.

Our unsung hero has always been Faith. For with this power within us, we can achieve anything. We can be anything, conquer anything and dream anything.

In the choices we make, we tend to stay small because we are afraid of being bigger than we think we can be. In being bigger, we intimidate ourselves into not achieving more, receiving more love and forgiving.

Firstly we need to forgive ourselves for keeping ourselves small and unloved. For we are the ones who created it in the first place. We are the ones who placed ourselves in that position. We are the ones who sabotaged ourselves.

So now it is time to shine. It is time to Believe. It is time to show the world our strength and just what we are capable of achieving.

Now is our time to join the Light and be seen…

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