Feeling like you are lost and alone is a part of you that has disconnected from your true self. Your true self and soul self always feels love. Always knows that you are protected, cherished and pure.

When you feel abandoned and attract those experiences into your being, it is because you have stopped feeling whole. There is a part of you that still carries pain and trauma and draws upon this experience, and therefore the vibration that matches this trauma comes to you so easily.

What needs to be released is the knowing that you are never alone. That you can never be abandoned. For if you feel this, then a part of you is missing and always looking for it outside of yourself. When life does not fulfil that part of you that is missing or misplaced, then you feel all alone.

The need for others and life’s experiences to fulfil you is not what heals abandonment. It is the knowing that you are already loved and healed and fulfilled. For if you feel that there is a hole within you, you are not looking deep enough. You are only looking at the surface level. And that surface level part of you that harbours the missing part, is that illusion and mirror that shows you that you are not whole.

You are always whole. And if you vibrate other parts of you that are not whole, then you are just seeing yourself in the world around you. The other parts of you being…other people, experiences, challenges, traumas and pain. They are showing you just how afraid you are and just how much fear you are still holding onto.

So when you think and feel that you are abandoned, that you are unlovable, that you hold a deep void, just remember, that you are only seeing the outer parts of you, and that those parts shining and smiling at you that cause you pain are merely placed in your path so that you can heal yourself, and so that you can instigate the healing process in what reflects back at you…people and experiences.

You are never left alone. You are never unloved. You are always safe. So believe that you are, and know that all healing opportunities come to you when you ask them to. Even if your conscious mind has not figured it out yet, it was sent by your messenger…the subconscious. The subconscious whom is a part of your soul, and who always loves you and keeps you whole. Don’t be sad, be empowered! For you are a truly magnificent being, who is always loved!

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