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Greed stems from need.

Need connects to desperation.

Desperation lacks from love.

All connect into each other.

You may not think you are greedy, but how much are you taking from others that you don’t need to be taking?

You have it all within you. So why aren’t you building upon that and increasing your own inner wealth?

When you take and take and take, it is because you are always longing for more outside of you. You have this idea and belief that you don’t have enough.

You feel empty, lost and desperate.

This desperation becomes neediness. This needy energy then keeps wanting over and over again.

Nothing is ever enough for you. You always feel unfulfilled. Wanting more. Overdrawing from others.

Sucking the lifeblood out of those around you who are offering so generously. But that is not enough for you, is it?

You think others have more than you because they give. Although they may not be giving enough to themselves and are running on empty and looking for it outside of themselves too. So the cycle continues…

When you are greedy and needy, you don’t see yourself as so.

You just see it as a means to survival. You must take what you can get from where you can get it, because otherwise you won’t survive.

You don’t know how to build and grow from within and draw from that growth.

You don’t want to look within. You don’t want to see why you are empty in the first place. You think others have more than you and that is where you will take from.

Neediness is a space of never being satisfied. It never fulfills you. It never feeds your hunger. It is only a temporary solution to an ongoing problem that you have.

Your problem is that you are not creating, expanding and seeing the love that you have inside.

This love reflects everything!

Love is about love. Love is about money. Love is about health. Love is about spirituality. Love is about life. Love just is!

What you keep being greedy about and needing is what you lack.

What you keep looking for outside of yourself is what you lack.

What you keep feeling desperate about is the very thing you push away.

For when you feel desperate and needy for something, that something feels suffocated and instead of coming to you, it moves further away.

You are not drawing it to you by being needy and wanting, wanting, wanting.

Because your need and your greed is actually from a space of fear.

A deep fear that you have nothing or not enough.

Ego feeds on fear. Your ego tells you that you must have more, more, more!

You already have this more. It has never left you.

You just cannot see it when you are so busy looking outside of yourself for what you think you lack.

You don’t lack anything. Just your vision to look within.

So next time you feel needy and greedy about something or someone, ask yourself what it is that you lack?

Then go inside and find what you already have. There is no need to go looking for it outside of you.

You are already Rich!

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