Gratitude in simple terms is saying yes to more!

It is about being thankful for what you have now and it is about creating the flow for the present and future and being available for opportunities to flow to you.

By being grateful and acting in gratitude, you are communicating firstly to yourself, that you are happy to receive what you are grateful for, and you are also creating the space to keep that flow coming.

For if you are not grateful for something, you are projecting negative vibrations towards it. You are in essence saying, no more! I don’t want any more. Feelings of frustration arise, you cause blockages, anger builds up and then you find yourself stuck.

Not being grateful isn’t necessarily an obvious thing. For e.g. when you receive a bill, you may get frustrated. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t get frustrated at some point? So with this vibration towards your bill, you are causing blockages towards money and opportunity to pay that bill, because you are rejecting it.

So if you were to turn that around and express gratitude towards that bill, and the provider who provided that service, you would be working on a different vibration of flow. You would be happy and gracious that you were able to have that service, that you were trusted enough to be responsible to pay for it. That you had the money flow to pay for it. Other things in relation to it would flow. New opportunities and new insights.

So what type of emotion have you found yourself projecting?

Next time you feel frustrated, take a moment to just ponder how you can be grateful for what you would normally be frustrated about. Not only would you feel lighter, you would be clearer and less stuck, and you would find a solution more quickly than if you were just focussing on the frustration part of it.

Gratitude can and should be expressed towards anything. Have a bad day? Instead of getting angry, see what you learnt from it. And be grateful for that lesson.

Changing your vibration towards anything in your life is simply a choice. And it is yours to make. So choose wisely!



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