Forgiveness is the way forward. When we hold back in forgiving, usually we are faced with restrictions. Things seem tighter, tenser. In forgiving a person or situation, you are releasing the strain of your life. You are releasing a burden that you hold so tightly. When you do not forgive, ask yourself why? What are you still holding onto? And why do you want to keep on hurting yourself and others?

In not forgiving, you are restricting the flow of life. And this flow of life will stop flowing. Because for the flow of life to occur, there needs to be a space for it to flow. So in holding onto anger and non forgiveness, you are creating a block for new opportunities to come forth, by way of an open heart. In keeping your heart open, there is an important part to this process. Forgiving yourself first!

When you release all that you keep within you, tension releases. You feel free. And in feeling free, you can become more peaceful. And in becoming more peaceful, you are able to have more clarity in your life, and are able to make better choices. And in being able to make better choices, you are trusting yourself, and having faith that things will work out. Sometimes things don’t always work out the way that we plan…yet they do!

For if we want things to go a certain way, yet things are not travelling in that direction, then we begin to feel hopeless. And in feeling hopeless, we begin to lose faith. Yet just because things don’t turn out the way you have planned, doesn’t mean that it is the way things should be. For in seeing through all situations that occur, even if they don’t occur as we had planned, there is always a greater plan ahead. Things always turn out the way they need to, even if you don’t agree at first. Because we need to find the lesson in each occurrence. We need to understand why this experience is entering our life, and what we can learn from it. If we reject all occurrences that we have not planned our self, then we are missing the bigger picture. And we are missing out on the greatest opportunity we might have.

So forgiveness opens many doors. Yet those doors will only open if we allow them to, and only if we want them to open and stay open. Anger doesn’t bring us our dreams. It only brings us the road blocks that stop us from achieving our dreams. And our dreams are what move us forward in life. And our faith.

So next time you are holding on tightly to someone or something that you know must be forgiven, just remember…what purpose does it serve? And how much strength must you have to hold onto it? Because true strength is in forgiving and letting go…the release! Not the restriction. True strength is allowing your faith to push you forward towards happiness, peace and fulfilment.

So who or what do you need to forgive today?

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