In finding love, you need to find yourself. When you are lost in the darkness seeking love outside of yourself, you might find yourself wandering for a long time. For to search outside of yourself often ends in pain. All that you need and have ever needed has always been within you.

This is old news for many. Yet it is the constant reminder that we wish to bring you. For when you feel emptiness inside, you are also without support. And being without support often brings you loneliness, and anger at the world and at yourself. To hold this resentment and emptiness often pushes your dreams and hopes very far away from your life. And when those dreams are pushed far, then you have lost the faith that you once had. And so the cycle goes…

To find what you already posses within is to uncover it. And to uncover it, is to push past the fear and embrace it, in order to clear it out and disempower it. For empowering fear, is giving in to your dreams, and saying yes to all the things that you cannot do. All the things that you think are impossible.

Nothing is impossible. Only your thinking. And your thinking leads to feeling, and your feeling leads to believing, and your believing leads to action. And here begins another cycle. And in this cycle, is where you make things happen. It is where dreams are created. And it is where you feel fulfilled and loved.

So to find love within you, and not outside of you, is to push away all fears. This is easier said then done. Yet if done in steps, it is not so hard. When you feel something so overwhelming and difficult and impossible, break it down into tiny morsels and resolve it slowly.

First the emotion. As the emotion is the overpowering part of you that says you cannot do what you wish to do. Because once you feel differently about what fear you need to push aside, you will take action. And by taking any small action, it will lead you to your bigger picture and slowly you will find your dream fulfilled and love begins to fill your heart.

So in finding love, you need to find yourself. And you are there. You may be in pieces, yet you exist completely underneath the surface. All the pieces are floating above the true you. Now it is your job to dissolve all the pieces and to bring them all together, by pursuing love, and that happens when you find who you are and who you want to be. There is no greater love, than the one that you give to yourself. And it is worth fighting for!

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