How do we deal with our own stuff, when we just want to give it to someone else to deal with?

Let’s admit it, we have all done this at one point or another.

We want another to take away our pain. We don’t want to process it, see it, or deal with it.

It’s just too hard.

Yet the biggest step to self empowerment is to admit that something is wrong. Admit that life isn’t going the way we want it to. See where you are, and change directions if it is not flowing the way you want.

To see yourself clearly, and to own your stuff, is not admitting defeat. It is admitting empowerment. It takes courage to stand up and say, “Yes, I accept that I am not in a good place right now. What do I need to do to change it?”

That is true courage. It may seem much easier to blame the world, others and situations. By doing so, you just sit in your contamination. You contaminate your soul. You drown in the energy that does not move. You circulate the same thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

Have you admitted to feeling defeated?

Defeat is not really defeat. But indeed a way of acknowledging that there is a better you just waiting to emerge. A part of you that needs to shed some old skin, peel away some outer layer that you no longer need to have.

The first step to change is to see that you need to embrace change and create that change. 

Then you will find true empowerment. For true empowerment is always within you. Sure it may be buried deep beneath the trenches of shame, blame and guilt. But when you see it, and begin to fight back, then you shall see the true you.

The you that sees the actual truth. The truth that you are magnificent!

Capable of anything you desire. That you can have anything you want and be anyone you want. You will see what you were all along. A fighter and a lover.

Because seeing who you truly are, is the first step to love. Love is when you shake off the dirt that buries you in your toughest moments. Those moments are what make you truly shine. Because buried beneath all that defeats you is a sparkly diamond. And that diamond is you. So do not forget who you truly are. When you are down, that is not all that there is. You are more. And your light will shine, when you choose to look beyond where you are. Life is grand. And it is waiting for you to embrace it fully!

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