To be starved of love is to be in lack. And this shows up in all areas of your life. It is not just about love. It is about your journey forward, it is about money, it is about health, it is about emotions, it is about spirit.

For when you lack the self love that you could be giving to yourself, you find yourself feeling empty, feeling needy, feeling insecure, and feeling lost. For that emptiness inside is hollow, and it shouts out to you, to feed it with love.

Yet how many do just that? Much of humanity look elsewhere for that love. From family, from a significant other, from a sport, from a job, from anything else that will take them away from actually looking within and seeing what needs to be fulfilled.

Many are afraid to look within. Because if they did, they would see fear, and loss. Yet this is the very thing that needs to be done. To look within. For when you look within, your heart will speak to you. And it will tell you what it needs. And then you can feed it love.

To look outward to the world, and to ask it to replenish your empty heart, usually leaves you feeling disappointed. For this is a world where all of humanity is looking for love. So there you are, thrashing about, seeking this love outside of yourself, alongside with the rest of the beings on this earth. Everyone is searching for the same thing, yet many aren’t giving it to themselves freely. For it they did, they would not need to look for it outward.

So in feeding yourself love, you will always be full. You will always be able to overcome your fears and loss more easily, because when a fear comes up, you would be able to overpower it with love. Love is what cures the darkness. Love is what makes one feel safe. Love is what heals.

So if you are feeling unwell emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually…look to love. Whatever love means for you. Because self nurturing is the key to self love and improvement. You cannot ask others who are also searching for love, to give it when they are empty inside. Then when you have enough love within, that you are able to offer outward, then humanity receives a helping hand.

Until that time…you must feed yourself first. For love is your food. Love is your growth. Love is your saviour!

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